How to Get Sweat-proof Makeup

Now that we can officially expect warm temps every single day, there’s one thing I know a lot of you have been wanting to know and figure out: how to get sweat-proof makeup. Don’t you just hate it when you have the perfect makeup on before you head out the door and as soon as you leave the house, you start sweating and your makeup just starts coming off? Yeah, I know the feeling. But is there anything you can do about it? Luckily, yes. Here are some tips on how to get sweat-proof makeup that will last you all day, even when the sun is scorching hot.

  • Start with primer – priming is everything if you want your makeup to last longer and look more flawless. It also helps give you that fresh, dewy look. After you’ve applied moisturizer and has left it to set, slather on some facial primer. Look for a primer that says ‘silicone based’ on the label. Silicone is the primary ingredient in most long lasting and long wearing makeup. It will act as a barrier between the humidity and your skin. This is very important, especially if you’re expecting to be outdoors all day.

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  • Choose a silicone based foundation – just as with primer, your foundation should be silicone based as well. This will ensure that your foundation will last all day despite sweat and other forms of contact with moisture. Apply your silicone based foundation with a brush so that it sets better on your skin. Using your bare hands or a sponge beauty blender may not pack the foundation on too well so your foundation might not last as long.

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  • Ditch powder, get cream – products which commonly come in powder form like eye shadow and blush almost always have cream counterparts. Ditch the powder and get the cream version instead. They last longer and they give you a really nice, dewy, glowing finish plus they don’t cake at all. Another great thing about cream shadows and blushes is that they’re super easy to blend so achieving the perfect look wouldn’t be a problem at all. For extra insurance, choose ones that are labeled long lasting or long wearing.

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  • Waterproof mascara – personally, I just skip mascara if I know I’m going to be out sweating in the sun all day but if you’re someone who can’t live without mascara then at least try to get the waterproof kind. These are the kinds of mascara that don’t leave you looking like a raccoon when it comes in contact with water. Just make sure you do extra time on your eyes when you get home and remove your makeup. Tip: coconut oil does a splendid job in getting rid of waterproof mascara.

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  • Consider wearing false lashes – so, here’s a common dilemma: you want full, luscious lashes but you don’t like having to wear waterproof mascara because it’s so difficult to take off (without coconut oil, that is). The solution? Wear falsies. They give you the look of full lashes without the hassle of wearing waterproof mascara.

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