How to Get Wavy Hair the Easy Way

Have you ever thought about how to get wavy hair the same as the models that you see in magazines? Who wouldn’t want to have those sexy tousled curls? There are ways how to get tousled wavy hair, and one of the several things that you will need is patience. The first time you are going to try it may not always yield your expected results. But nevertheless, here are the steps on how to get the wavy hair look.

Your first step on how to get naturally wavy hair starts in the shower. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner that add moisture and minimize frizz.

Taylor Swift Pretty Hair


Towel dry your hair. If you have natural curls, use a spray gel to let it set.

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Use volumizing mousse if you have fine hair or straight hair.

Princess Wavy Hair Style


Control flyaways for medium or thick hair using styling cream.

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Blow dry your hair until it is at least 85% dry. Do not touch your hair too much as this will cause more frizzing.

Beach Style Wavy Hair


If you have short hair, use a small round brush and blow dry parts of your hair. Curl your hair with curling iron and tousle it using your hands.

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For medium length hair, use mousse when curling the hair. If the hair gets too curly, utilize a medium-sized round brush to smoothen the hair. Apply styling wax after achieving the desired look.

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If you have long hair, spritz your hair with lightweight hairspray first and blow dry.

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The technique on how to get perfect wavy hair with long hair is to use a metal brush while blow drying. This helps as it heats up faster.

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Using pin curls also helps in creating curls. Tousle hair with fingers afterwards.

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The techniques on how to get wavy hair may look simple, but it needs practice. When it comes to how to get beachy wavy hair, the technique is almost the same, although there are women who prefer to have their beach curls to be smaller. The curling iron used is smaller in diameter too. Do not forget to tousle curls after styling to have that “lived in” look for your hair. For all the types of hair, after getting the desired look, it is best to spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray. Now that you know some of the techniques on how to get wavy hair, it’s time to prepare those locks for some perfect wavy hair practice.