How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Having long hair for a really long time can make you anxious about cutting your hair short. Sometimes, you don’t get used to having short hair no matter how many weeks or months have already passed after you’ve had your cut. If you want to grow your hair faster so you can have your luscious long locks back, read these tips and try them out:

  • Treat your hair to a hair mask formulated to boost growth – if you go to the drugstore or any beauty supply store, you’ll see a wide selection of hair masks. These masks are made to revitalize your hair but there are also those that offer more than just that. Choose a hair mask that is especially formulated to boost hair growth. These hair masks don’t only help your hair grow longer, it can also give you shinier hair.

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  • Eat protein rich food – protein is a good building block for hair and nails. Watch your diet and make sure to include protein in every meal to make your hair grow back faster. Foods that are rich in protein include eggs, fish, chicken and tofu. These foods don’t really have a weird taste to them so you shouldn’t have any trouble incorporating them in your daily meals.

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  • Brush your hair regularly – we all brush our hair but did you know that if you brush your hair more regularly, your hair has a bigger chance of growing longer? This is because brushing your hair stimulates the circulation in your scalp and that circulation triggers hair growth. Of course, keep in mind not to brush your hair while it is wet because that can cause breakage which will get in the way of hair growth.

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  • Let your hair breathe – don’t use products on your hair if you don’t need them. For example, if you aren’t heading out on certain days, just let your hair down and let it hang loose instead of curling it or putting it up in a tight ponytail or some other hairstyle that requires product and heat exposure. Healthy hair grows faster than damaged hair.

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  • Sleep smart – when you sleep is also the time when your hair rests and recuperates so make sure you allow your hair to do that by not sleeping with your hair in a ponytail or some other hairstyle. Instead, your hair should be free. Also, try not to sleep with any product on your hair because the product build up prevents your hair from ‘breathing’ freely.

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  • Massage your scalp regularly – a scalp massage need not be done in a hair spa or any other fancy place. You can always do it on your own when you have free time and free hands. A healthy scalp is important when you’re trying to grow your hair and massaging your scalp often helps keep it so. It also stimulates circulation which triggers growth, just like brushing your hair.

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  • Choose hair products that target hair growth – when you go to the hair aisle in a drugstore, you’ll see shampoos, conditioners and other hair products made specifically for different hair situations. Some are for damaged hair, some are for dry hair, some for oily while others for colored hair. Since you want your hair to grow longer, choose hair products that have ‘for hair growth’ or ‘hair growth booster’ on the label.