How to Highlight Hair

Hair highlighting is a very popular trend in the beauty industry. As with a variety of other hair trends, highlighting has both advantages and disadvantages. There many options in how to highlight your hair. But before doing anything.

Make sure first you’re your not allergic to highlighting chemicals. Do the 48 hours skin test before applying the chemical into your hair. Squeeze first a little amount and rub it into your skin on your hands, wait for 2 days or less, if there is an allergic reaction. STOP! Don’t force it. If you’re cool with it, then GO! Be gorgeous.


Here’s a step by step process on how to highlight your hair. Just don’t forget the 48 hour skin test.

jersey_shore_star_snooki highlights


First, if the skin test approves you’re okay with the highlighting process. Ready all the materials and chemicals to be used. Example: (but some boxes go with materials to be use)

  1. Plastic gloves.

Chemicals in color desired.
Less use or new comb.

blue highlights

2.       It’s best to do your hair if it’s dry and not freshly washed. Your natural oils will help protect it from the chemicals that you will be using.

how to highlight hair

Tip: it’s expensive to find perfection, but if you’re already investing into something don’t mind the money spent. Buy a expensive highlight chemicals just to be sure it’s going be safe and look beautiful.


3.       Read the written instruction on the box to avoid fashion epic fail. Do it step by step. Read carefully. Don’t get excited.


4.       Now, if you already have gloves in your hands, mix the ingredients according to the directions written.  Be sure to mix or shake the mixture thoroughly and carefully before applying it.

pink highlights

5.       You should let the mixture stay on your hair for as long as the instructions advise. If you think that the color is getting too light, take a corner of the old towel you’re wearing and very gently rub off small spot of the mixture in your hair.

avril_lavigne highlights

Have a good look at that piece of hair. If it really is light enough, you can rinse early. Otherwise, you will re-coat that area and wait it out.  Be sure to rinse all the mixture out of your hair. If there is a follow-up conditioner provided, use it to help restore moisture and oil, and it will protect your newly colored hair.

katy perry dip dyed hair

All you have to do to achieve that color you wanted is to read carefully the instructions and make sure you are hundred percent ready for the changes, it’s either bad or good. But to make sure you’ll avoid that ‘BAD’ changes, READ INSTRUCTIONS or if you have a lot of money, hear the experts and go to salons.

red highlights