How to Keep Long Wavy Hairstyles Looking Beautiful

Long wavy hairstyles always look chic and beautiful which is why a lot of women prefer to have their hair done this way. Wavy hair is the perfect middle ground between straight and curly hair. Because of its texture, styling is easier as products stick better. If you want to add a little volume on your hair, go for long wavy hairstyles.

blonde long wavy hairstyles

As much as long wavy hairstyles always look sexy and effortlessly chic, there are actually quite a few things that it needs to keep it looking gorgeous. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised when you realize that maintaining and caring for long wavy hairstyles is a bit more of a task compared to tending to straight hair. However, long wavy hairstyles are still more gorgeous and romantic compared to the latter. If you have long, wavy hair or are planning to have yours done, here are some tips on how you can take care of your tresses to keep it looking great.

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  • Use mousse – mousse is perfect for keeping your long wavy hairstyles looking fresh and fab. It holds the volume of your hair and adds to the texture just like gel but it doesn’t stiffen your hair. Instead, it keeps your hair feeling soft and bouncy. Scrunch your hair and rub in a great heap of mousse after washing to achieve very natural looking waves and to keep your long wavy hairstyles looking nice all day. Tip: there’s barely any difference between high end and drugstore mousse but the brand so go for the cheaper one and stock up on it!

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cool long wavy hairstyles

  •  Cleaning your locks – when it comes to cleansing your hair, your regular shampoo and conditioner will do. Don’t wash your hair everyday so you don’t strip it of all the natural goodies that make your long wavy hairstyles look good. Usually, waves look and hold better on 2nd day hair, too.

gorgeous long wavy hairstyles

long wavy hairstyles

  • Dealing with hard water – if you live in an area where you get hard water, you’ll experience the worst of both worlds: oily and frizzy hair. This is no good for keeping luscious long wavy hairstyles.  To solve this, skip the shampoo and go with just conditioner to add moisture to your hair. Filtered water may also help.

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  • Use the right tools – to keep your hair looking naturally wavy, use a wide toothed comb instead of a brush.  This will keep your strands of waves separate and will help you avoid tangles. And while it’s tempting to use a hairdryer all the time, letting your hair air dry will actually  give you better looking long wavy hairstyles.


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