How to Keep Your Makeup from Melting

So summer is just right around the corner and the heat is starting to go up on full blast, are you ready? We all like to look gorgeous and flawless all the time and, thanks to makeup, doing so has become easy peasy. However, with the temps rising even higher soon, putting on makeup and making it stay on your face can prove to be a challenge. Makeup tends to melt as you sweat in hot weather so chances are that if you don’t sweat-proof or melt-proof your makeup, you’ll be looking like a hot mess of a blob at the end of the day (or even by midday). Here are some tips on how to keep your makeup from melting.

  • Don’t take primers for granted – primers are one of the most commonly taken for granted beauty products but if you want your makeup to stay on despite the scorching summer heat, make sure you put a layer on before you do your actual makeup. Primer creates a base on the skin where other makeup products can adhere to. It helps your makeup stay instead of slip and slide when you start to sweat.

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  • Slather on some ice – yes, it sounds weird but a lot of women swear by this trick. Wash your face clean and pat it dry, grab a couple of ice cubes and gently run them around your face then pat your face dry and apply makeup as usual. The ice seals up your pores, lessening the chances of your makeup melting from the intense heat plus it’s a great way to cool down on a really hot day, too!

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  • Use light makeup – summer is the best time to rock a bare face but if you aren’t confident enough to go out in public without at least a little bit of makeup on or if you have skin issues / problems that need coverage, try to go for the lighter versions of products that you usually wear. Foundation, for example, can be replaced with BB or CC creams or tinted moisturizers and concealer can be skipped if you don’t have blemishes that need to get covered up.

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  • Choose waterproof makeup – almost every makeup product today has a waterproof version that you can wear to the beach / pool and on a hot day when you tend to sweat a lot. Foundations, concealers, mascaras and lipsticks are the most important products to get in waterproof formula. Read the labels and reach for those that say ‘waterproof’, ‘sweat-proof’ or ‘melt-proof’. Make sure you put in extra effort at night when removing these waterproof makeup products from your skin because residue could clog your pores and lead to a breakout.

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  • Go for gel-based products – another thing to look for when reading labels of what makeup products to wear or buy is the term ‘gel-based’. Gel based products tend to stick on to skin better compared to water based (water based products are fine if you don’t need long-wearing makeup) or oil based products. Speaking of oil based products, avoid them at all costs during a hot day. These are the ones that melt easily (yuck!).

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