How to Keep Your Nails Looking Pretty this Winter

The cold winter season presents us with lots of beauty woes and most of these are skin and hair related but there is one thing that we don’t always notice but when we do we sort of have that little heart attack and go on looking for ways to fix it. I’m talking about ugly winter nails. Once the temps drop, you’ll start noticing that your nail cuticles start to dry up and get white around the edges. Depending on how strong your nails are, they might even start getting little cracks and chips. They can also turn yellowish in color if you always paint them, especially with darker nail polish colors. Here are some tips on how to keep your nails looking pretty this winter.

  • PAMPER WITH CUTICLE MOISTURIZER – whether it’s in the form of a cream, balm, oil or gel, your nails are sure to benefit greatly from cuticle moisturizer. Apply a little bit around the edges of each of your nails and massage lightly to help the product work better. Make sure you always have this with you so you can apply it as often as needed. Forgot to bring your cuticle moisturizer? Use lip balm instead! It works just as well.

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  • DON’T FORGO HAND LOTION – even when you already have cuticle moisturizer on, don’t forget to slather on some hand lotion as well. This will help keep moisture locked in so that your nails remain well-hydrated for longer. Read the labels and look for hand lotions with beeswax in it as this is what will really help with keeping the moisture in.

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  • RE-MOISTURIZE AFTER WASHING – washing your hands is important to make sure they’re always clean but washing often can lead to dry hands and nails. Make sure to re-moisturize with your cuticle and hand moisturizers right after washing your hands.

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  • WEAR GLOVES – they’re not just a fashion accessory, you know. Gloves are great for keeping your hands warm and your nails looking pretty by protecting them from the cold winds and dry air. If you have severely dry and cracked nails, apply your cuticle product and hand salve and then sleep with your gloves on to help promote moisturizing faster.

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  • NAIL SPA DAY – prevention is better than cure is what they say so before you even see signs of nail damage, take your nails to the spa and have treatments for rejuvenating them and restoring their health. A paraffin manicure is something that your nails will definitely thank you for.

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