How to Know: What Color Should I Paint My Hair

“What color should I paint my hair?” That is perhaps one of the most common questions women ask themselves or their friends. Coloring your hair can make you look very much different than you do when you have your natural hair color on.

Depending on what color you choose, sporting a different hair color can make you look fun, sexy, young, gorgeous, timid, bold, fierce or angelic; it can make you blend in with or stand out from a crowd. However, achieving a certain look can be difficult if you don’t know what color to paint your hair. To make your decision a little easier for you, here are some things you should consider when coloring your hair:

  • Your hair color should compliment your skin tone – if you find that your hair color either washes you out or makes you look a little orange, then it’s probably not the right shade or color for you. You know you need to change hair color when you need makeup to balance out your skin tone and your hair color. Your hair color should make you look gorgeous without anything on your face to aid it.

golden hair red hair

  • The ‘2-shade’ rule – whether you’re going darker or lighter than your original hair color, always stick to going only 2 shades farther. Use your brow color as your benchmark because your brow color is the perfect color that compliments your skin. If you go too far, your new hair color will look obviously unnatural. So, unless you’re okay with that, stick to this rule of thumb.

blonde hair

beautiful brunette

  • Blonde highlights – you may have noticed that a lot of  people go for blonde highlights. This is because blonde works great as a highlight for any complexion. It has the same effect as that of a self-tanner or a bronzer that illuminates your skin to make you glow.

ombre brown hair color

  • Get highlights and lowlights – highlights and lowlights add a lot of depth and dimension to hair. They make your hair look more lively and healthy. Consult your hairstylist about the colors and shades that are right for your hair color. Sometimes, all you really need are highlights and lowlights to make your hair look better.

brown orange red hair color

  • Keeping up with the trends – avoid looking dated and try to keep up with the current trends when it comes to hair color. Some current trends to follow today are ombre hair, bold and wild colors and chunky highlights. However, don’t just follow trends for the sake of doing it. Instead, make sure that you are going to be comfortable with yourself wearing the trend.

super black hair jet black hair