How to Look and Feel Good Post Workout

Working out is something you need to do to keep yourself healthy and fit. Whether you admit it or not, there isn’t always much time for a proper workout all the time which is why we try to sweat it real good with each chance we get. While we all love the feeling of releasing toxins through a good workout session, the post-workout scene isn’t exactly very pretty. Big sweat beads, soaked clothes, sweaty hair – these are just some of the things I know a lot of women don’t like after working out. Sometimes, you even need to run errands after hitting the gym and no one wants to be seen looking like crap. Here are some tips on how to look and feel good post workout.

  • Start fresh – starting fresh before you workout can make you feel less yucky after you finish your workout routine. Take a quick shower and use an effective antiperspirant deodorant to keep your ‘pits fresh after sweating loads. I wouldn’t recommend splashing on your favorite cologne or spritzing on some perfume before the workout just because it might start smelling differently when it comes in contact with sweat.

excercise hair and makeup fresh post workout

  • If you must wear makeup… – you really don’t have to wear makeup before hitting the gym since it’s all bound to melt away with your swear anyway but if you must, choose to wear products that are lightweight and, if possible, waterproof. Instead of a full coverage foundation, use tinted moisturizer instead. Waterproof mascara will keep from looking like a raccoon while waterproof lipstick will ensure you that your lips stay luscious while you work on your bod.

post workout look

workout makeup look

  • Keep your hair up – a quick trick that I like to do when I know I need to run errands or go somewhere else other than home after a quick workout at the gym is to put my hair up in a bun. I like to either coil my hair or braid them into manageable sections before gathering them into a bun because this way when I take it out post workout, I get instant chic waves. It keeps me cool while working out, too.

workout hair bun beauty post workout

  • Keep a stash of mini products – not everyone has the time to take a shower after working out at the gym and not everyone LIKES to take a shower at the gym. Some would rather wait ‘til they get home before they wash up. Even when you don’t take a shower at the gym, try to at least wash your face to get rid of all the gunk (sweat and makeup) that you accumulated while working out and prevent breakouts. Keep a stash of mini products in your bag all the time, especially facial products as these can really come in handy when you need to look fresh but won’t shower at the gym.

skin care post workout after excercise skin care

  • Do light makeup – if you have somewhere else to go before you head home from the gym, you’ll surely want to look fresh and decent. You can achieve this by wearing light makeup on freshly washed face. A little powder to control oil, some blush to give you that flushed look and some color on your lips to make them look lively are often enough to make you look good post workout.

light post workout makeup post run beauty