How to Look Beautiful Naturally

Being beautiful is every woman’s desire and women will do everything just to look good. Looking beautiful is actually a multifactorial undertaking because not only the outside appearance matters, but the inside as well. You may be beautiful from the outside, but what’s more important is becoming attractive even from the inside, which may mean your health, confidence, and attitude. If you want to look beautiful naturally, the following are the beauty tips that can make you a head turner:

Wear a great skin

The first thing that you should be developing to start a more beautiful you is having a perfect skin. A beautiful skin is something that is clear, well-moisturized, supple, smooth and glowing. Start by cleaning the face with mild cleanser followed by skin exfoliation at most four times a week for a renewed and glowing skin. Also, apply a skin moisturizer to keep the skin supple. Just by keeping your skin good, you can be beautiful even without make up on.

Beautiful skin

Apply make up properly

Make up can be the tool for women who would want to look attractive and hide some imperfections in the face. However, make up can also make you less beautiful when not worn properly. For a fresher look, choose neutral shades and lighter colors. For night events, go with more pronounced colors.

Apply make up properly

Practice Dressing Up

Looking beautiful also needs a great deal of pretty clothes. Forget about those loose jeans and shirts and go for dressy tops, dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans. Drop those sneakers and use pretty sandals, ballet shoes, wedges, pumps and boots. Just by the way you dress, you can be beautiful, but make sure that you are comfortable with whatever you wear.

Dress up

Wear gorgeous hair

Your hair is the next thing that they will notice aside from your face. Even if you have a pretty face, but if you don’t keep your hair tidy, you will lose the total beauty that you are aiming. In this line, choose a hair style that will suit your face and your overall style. You can seek help from professional hairdressers for a more professional look. Make sure to keep it shiny and manageable by using conditioner every day.

Gorgeous Hair

Smile always

Look beautiful always by smiling and having a nice feeling. Smiling means that you need to show brilliance in your eyes as well because smiling eyes easily catch attention.

Pretty Smile

Wear perfume

Being beautiful does not only mean that you forget about the other senses of people. When people smell your sweet scent, you become more pleasing to the other senses as well making you look naturally beautiful. Spray on that cologne or perfume before going out of the house.

Women's perfume

Enhance your Flaws

All people have flaws no matter how beautiful they are. These flaws are sometimes what keeps you from looking your best. For instance, you may want to exercise to shed excess pounds, wear a push-up bra to enhance your chest, use heels to look taller, avoid skinny jeans if you have large thighs, and so on.

High heels for short women


Wearing accessories is also another tip on how to look pretty. Accessories help you carry your clothes better, but make sure not to over accessorize. If you have more than five accessories, take off one before hitting outdoors.


Be confident about yourself

Beauty is seen better with confidence so stand up straight, look straight and walk with poise. Confidence is one of the best ways on how to look and feel beautiful at the same time.


Exemplify inner beauty

There are a lot of women with ‘pretty’ faces out there, but rarely do you see someone with inner beauty as well. Well, a naturally beautiful woman exudes inner beauty aside from a pretty face. This inner beauty includes a good attitude when dealing with other people. A bad attitude may just make you ugly on the outside even if you are clothed with the most beautiful make-ups and dresses.

Inner Beauty

Well, if you want to become truly beautiful, make sure to project outer and inner beauty at the same time.