How to look sexy

What is sexy for you? 36, 24, 36? YES! That’s very sexy. But what is really a sexy person? This generation praises those who dress up like Nicki Minaj, or any celebrity they see everyday.

But being sexy is not having the vital stat of 36, 24,36, it’s about how you look at yourself and how you deliver yourself to everybody. People judge, so we can not control what others think, we have different perspective in looking at other people, well of course “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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If we can’t control people to judge, then let them judge you. But before that, here are some tips to look sexy without even trying, you don’t have to turn heads, you need to drop their mouth out of their heads.

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If you think other girls who wear mini skirts, sleeveless shirts, and clothes that show skin too much are sexy, well, they are, for some, for some it will look, slutty, and bitchy. That’s why you have to know your inner sexiness. Not all people, girls most especially are sexy physically but roaring sexy inside, they just need to be reminded. 

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1.       Think Sexy

The only way to let other people know and believe you are sexy is to think you are sexy. Trust starts in you. Don’t get intimidated by the looks of other people. They are sexy because they think their sexy, and you should too.

how to look sexy

2.       Dress WELL and PROPER

Being sexy doesn’t really calls to wear sexy outfit. You just have to wear something that really looks good on you. It’s not that right to wear clothes that are sexy but it does not looks good on you, you will end up looking trying hard and stupid. 

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Stupid for you get uncomfortable with it and do stuffs you should not do wearing it, like, hiding in your friend’s ‘cause you’re shy or making uncomfortable walk.

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3.       Think “BOYS WILL BE BOYS”

Boys love girls who can get along with their friends. They might turn their heads with those girls but they surely love girls who can play along. Girls who can eat Big Mac with them, play games with them, and definitely laugh hard with them. Too much worrying girls with their looks are boring.  Remember, “DON’T TURN HEADS, DROP THEIR MOUTH FROM THEIR HEADS.”

 miley cyrus

4.       Hair Games

The “Crowning Glory” of a girl is one of the most remembered part of her body. When guys are talking, then tend to describe girls with “oh! The curly hair one?” or “the blonde?” so girls, YOU HAVE to take good care of your hair. It’s not that really hard right?

miranda kerr

A good maintenance of a good shampoo and a smoothing conditioner will do. Brush it properly with a good brush and comb. When wet use huge tooth combs and bristle brush. 


5.       Don’t SMOKE and DRINK

If you want to look very sexy, DON’T do drinking and smoking. Smoking can lead to skin ugliness, it’ll give you dark skin in some of your parts, like, lips, fingers, and on your upper lips. Drinking on the other hand makes you FAT, carbo dude, carbo. So STAY AWAY from the two bad influences of life and freedom. Just remember THINK SEXY TO BE SEXY.

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