How to Look Younger without Undergoing Surgery

Growing old is something we can’t prevent from happening. Fortunately, looking older is something that we can control. There are a lot of expensive surgeries out there that can make anyone look 10 years younger in an instant and with all the stress you get from living a busy lifestyle, looking old is something that happens quite quicker than you’d like which is why these kinds of surgeries are so in-demand. However, not everyone has that much money to blow on a procedure just to alter her looks. Here’s a list of some tips on how to look younger without undergoing surgery:

  • Project good posture – a slouchy posture makes you look like you have osteoporosis which is something that’s common in older people. Make sure that you always keep a straight back, whether you’re standing, sitting or walking. Keeping a good posture does not only make you look younger, it can also help prevent back pains.

good posture

  • Wear less makeup – wearing makeup can really help bring out and enhance your natural beauty which is why a lot of women wear it every day. There’s just something about wearing makeup that makes you feel more confident. It’s like a confidence booster that makes you feel extra gorgeous just knowing you have it on. However, piling on too much makeup can make you look a few years older than you actually are. Keep you makeup light, fresh and simple and don’t mask your natural beauty with too much of it.

minimal makeup minimal makeup look

  • Take care of your hair – though many say that shorter hairstyles like pixies or bobs are better to keep you looking young, we believe that you can sport long hair too without looking old. You just have to make sure that your hair is always healthy-looking. To make that happen, make sure you give your hair a break from styling products and the heat from styling tools. It would also help if you get hair treatments every now and then to help revive your hair and help it recover.

healthy long hair helthy hair

  • Keep your wardrobe updated – wearing the same style for the past 10 years can make you look like you’re stuck in those times. Keep up with the times and keep your wardrobe updated with the latest items in fashion so that you can keep yourself looking chic, fun and young. Of course, you don’t have to follow each and every trend that surfaces, just those that you are comfortable with.


  • Take care of your skin – your skin shows the most signs of aging so if you want to look younger, you have to take care of your skin. Your skin can actually age faster than you do if it is exposed to certain elements that can cause damage. These elements include sun exposure and chemicals so be sure to choose the products that you apply on your skin wisely. Try to avoid as much products as you can that contain parabens, sulfate and dye because these can make your skin ages more rapidly with continued use.

skin skin care

  • Exercise – exercising is one way to keep your body slim, fit, well-toned and healthy and that makes you not only look young but feel young as well.  You don’t need to lift weights or do super-charged routines, just a quick but regular workout session is enough. If you don’t have the time to hit the gym, try incorporating exercise into your routine like walking up the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator, parking a few blocks away from the office so you can walk and burn some excess fats or simply clean the house on your free time – that should be good cardio for you!

exercising exercise