How to Make Facial Hair Less Visible

Summer is the time to go light and easy on the makeup and just rock a fresh, nude face to reveal your natural beauty. This is the time when that skincare routine you’ve religiously been following finally pays off. Before you do that, though, make sure you don’t have any unwanted hair hanging out where you wouldn’t want them seen. Some women are just naturally hairier than others and while that’s definitely not a curse, it’s not exactly something these women are confident about, either. Facial hair is one of the things that make a lot of women feel insecure the most and I feel that this is the case because facial hair is often associated with manliness. If you have facial hair that makes you feel less confident about your beauty, check out these tips on how to make facial hair less visible. We have a solution to this beauty woe that’s keeping you from going all out on the natural beauty look.

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  • Use downward strokes when applying makeup – so you can’t go a day without the least bit of coverage on, that’s fine. Sometimes, though, when applying products on your face, those tiny little hairs tend to stick up and become more visible and that’s what we call peach fuzz. To prevent this from happening, make sure to use downward instead of upward strokes when applying any kind of makeup on the face. This will make the hair settle on the skin, making them less obvious.

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  • Shave it – yes, you can shave facial hair but no, don’t use your regular shaver. That’s not made to follow the contour of your face and might even lead to some serious nicks and cuts. If you have unwanted facial hair, you might want to consider getting a few couple of those disposable facial hair trimmers. They’re tiny and they’re designed to get in the delicate areas of the face where you have unwanted hair.

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  • Bleach it – if you have naturally dark hair, chances are that your facial hairs are dark too and they’re more obvious and more visible compared to those who have blonde or other lighter hair colors. Bleaching your facial hair won’t get rid of them (and some women prefer it that way). instead, bleaching just makes the hair color lighter so that it’s less visible. Don’t just use any kind of bleach. Remember that you’re putting it on your face and you’re dealing with super tiny hair in very little amount so you want something gentler than regular bleach. Look for bleach formulas specially formulated to be used on facial hair.

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  • Wax it – if you’re serious about getting those unruly facial hair out of the way, you should probably have them waxed. Results are temporary but it does last longer compared to shaving so this is perfect for women who are always busy and only have time to deal with beauty issues every once in a while. Just as with bleach, don’t use regular wax for this process. Get your hands on an unltragentle wax that’s made to specially treat facial hair.

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