How to Make Makeup Last All Day

Every morning you do your best to create the best and the most flawless makeup look before you head on out the door but by mid morning your eye shadow starts to crease and by noon your mascara is smudges all over your eyes then by the time afternoon comes you’ve sweated on your foundation and as you enter the night your makeup, by some unexplainable miracle, is gone! This gets you into thinking of skipping makeup the next day because it’s going to be useless anyway. Don’t get discouraged! There are lots of ways to make makeup last all day so you can look fresh from day’s start to day’s end with very little to no touch ups at all! Here are some tips on how to make makeup last all day:

  • Read the label – when buying makeup, read the labels and look for products that say “long lasting”, “long wearing” or “waterproof”. These are the products that will endure most elements that make regular makeup fade such as water, heat and sweat. Products that have these on the label are meant for all day use. Some makeup brands have a full makeup line of products that are long lasting.

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  • Use a primer – without a primer, the only way for you to keep makeup on your face all day is to pile on more and more products as you go through the day. Though effective, that can have you ending up with clumpy and cakey looking makeup. To avoid this, use a primer on your skin. Primers do a lot. They can refine pores, act like a barrier to the skin, some have SPF that can protect your skin from the sun and others have corrective features in them as well. The main role of the primer, though, is to create a layer on your skin where makeup products can cling on to all day.

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  • Cream VS powder – a lot of debate has been going on about cream being better than powder and vice versa for longer lasting makeup and here’s our two cents on the topic: while cream based makeup does tend to last longer, combining the two will actually produce a better result. Start off with cream based (or gel) eye shadow or blush and top it off with the powder version to set it and make it last longer. This is also works for foundations. Again, read the labels and make sure your cream-based makeup is oil-free.

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  • Blend your makeup well – blending is key in making makeup last longer. By blending, you are buffing the product into your skin better which will make it cling on to the skin more.  Blending also creates a more flawless and seamless finish because it removes harsh lines that indicate where makeup starts and ends. Makeup tools that can be used for blending include brushes, sponges and your fingers.

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  • Set it – the last step to achieving long lasting makeup that will stay on the whole day is to set it. it’s a simple step that many forget and neglect to do. After you’re done with your makeup routine, set your makeup by lightly dusting setting powder on your face. You can also get a setting spray that can help your makeup set and stay longer.

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