How to Make Your Face Look Thinner with Makeup

For the everyday woman, makeup is no longer just a luxury but a necessity. There are so many things that make up can do for you. It can cover up imperfections, highlight your best assests, make you feel more confident about yourself and make you look better than you already do. Of course, natural is beautiful but makeup is just so glamorous. One other thing that women use make up for is to make the face look thinner. There are lots of ways, tips and tricks on how to make your face look thinner with make up.

  • The Right Brows

Choosing the right brow can make your face thinner. A dark, arched eyebrow is usually the choice for achieving a slimmer face using cosmetics. Go for eyebrow lining pencil or eyebrow shadows that are about 2 shades darker than your hair color and line or fill in your brows with a slightly sharp, high arch. If you go to an eyebrow tinting salon, you can have them do the whole thing for you.

arched brows

blonde brows

  • Concealing circles

Dark undereye circles don’t only make your eyes look old and tired, they can also give the illusion of a fuller face.  To avoid this and have the impression of a thinner face instead, make sure to cover up your undereye circles with a concealer. You can also use white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes look livelier and your face a little slimmer.

concealed beauty

how to conceal

  • Bigger eyes, thinner face

When your eyes look bigger, livelier and more awake, your face tends to look slimmer. To help you achieve beautiful, big, bold eyes, use mascara not only on your upper lashes but on your lower lashes as well. Lining your water line with a dark eye pencil will also help in achieving the impression of having bigger eyes.

lined eyes and lashes

big eyes

  • Keep it light and pink

While it’s true that red lipstick never fails to give off a sexy vibe, this is not always the best color to go with if you’re aiming for a slimmer-looking face altogether. Red lipstick, especially the richer ones, somehow make the face look a bit fuller than it really is. So, if you want a slimmer face, your best bet is a light pink lipstick with a slight gloss.

glossy lips

light pink lips

  • Contour and highlight

This is the most obvious solution for making your face look thinner with makeup. Using the right shade on the right spots is important, of course. Light contour on the jaws and slightly darker underneath the jaws will help lift some weight off your face. Highlights, on the other hand, should be on the top of the cheek bones, the nose, the forehead and a little bit on the cupid’s bow.

perfect contour and highlight

how to contour and highlight