How to Pick Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Having dark brown hair can look gorgeous on anyone. The deep, rich and dark color of your soft tresses can look so alluringly luxurious that people you come across with may just be tempted to touch them. However, if your hair is plain dark brown, it may tend to look boring and may look like it lacks luster and shine, especially if you don’t give it much care and attention. One way to make your dark brown hair look more vibrant and beautiful is by adding highlights.

red highlights dark brown hair

blonde highlights

Highlights give your hair more dimension and lift. With highlights, dark brown locks have an added edge. Your already elegant and natural looking hair can look even better. However choosing the right highlights for dark brown hair can be a little difficult. Here are some things to consider when picking highlights for dark brown hair.

  • Complexion – although dark brown hair looks good on everyone in general, adding highlights may require a specific complexion. Women who have pale, light or even yellowish complexions should steer clear of light highlights like honey, golden or platinum blonde as these highlights have the tendency to wash them out. Another example would be women with reddish complexion. Whether it’s from acne or redness from too much exposure to the sun, red complexioned women should never go for highlights that have red tones to them like auburn as this will only make the redness more extreme.

copper highllights

copper highights dark brown

  • Skin tone – figuring out which skin tone you have is crucial for choosing highlights for your dark brown hair.  Some highlights will flatter your skin tone while some will only highlight your flaws. For example, women who have cool tones are often better off with platinum blonde and caramel highlights while those with warm tones will look best with reddish highlights like copper red, chestnut brown and auburn.

light highlights

honey highlights

  • Overall look / image – aside from skin tone, another thing to consider is the overall look or image you are trying to project. If you are trying to portray a chic, classy and elegant look, subtle highlights that don’t go far away from the hues of your dark brown hair are the best choice. A dramatic look will require highlights that will contrast well with your dark brown tresses so that means light highlights. For a radical, rebellious and totally head turning look, try unexpected highlight colors like green, pink or even white.

golden highlights

chunky white highlights

After having highlights added to your hair, it’s best to ask your hairstylist to recommend products that will maintain the beauty of your highlights so that you can keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

chestnut highlights

caramel highlights