How to Shape Eyebrows like a Pro

Our eyebrows may not be the first thing that people will notice, but they significantly enhance the appearance of women. Eyebrows enhance the shape of the face and helps balance the features of the upper face for a more flattering look. The eyebrows also frame the eyes so having well shaped eyebrows makes the eyes more attractive and pretty. If you want a perfect look, don’t just focus on your lipstick, eye shadows and foundation, but you should also know how to shape your eyebrows perfectly. To help on that, here are the steps on how to shape eyebrows:

How to shape eyebrows

1. Hold the eyebrow pencil straight in front of your face.

Hold the pencil straight touching the outermost portion of your nose and the inner canthus (inside portion of the eyes) as seen in the picture. This straight line will indicate where your eyebrows should start in the first place. Mark the spot on the level of the eyebrow and repeat on the other side.

Shape eyebrow

2. Hold the eyebrow liner at an angle

Next, hold the pencil at an angle where it passes along the outermost portion of the nose and the outer edge of the iris. While doing this, look straight in front of the mirror and your face and eyes should face the same direction. The point where the pencil intersects the eyebrows will be the point where your eyebrow arch will peak. Mark the spot with the pencil and repeat on the other side.

 Shape your eyebrow

3. Hold the eyebrow pencil at a further angle

From the previous step, move the pencil from the edge of the iris to the outer edge of the eyes (outer canthus). Make sure that you are referring on the outer edge of the eyes and not on the eyelash because this may alter the shape of the brow. Mark the point where it will intersect the end of the brows. This will determine where your eyebrow should end.

shape eyebrows

4. Pluck or shave any excess

Any excess in the eyebrow from step one and step three should be removed to have exact points. It will not be a problem on those with shorter brows because they can just fill in the gap with an eyebrow pencil when shaping eyebrows.

Eyebrow plucking

5. Shape your eyebrows like a pro

After the finishing touches, use your desired eyebrow pencil to shape the brows using the outline you have made.

Shaping eyebrows

Use an eyebrow pencil with the same color as your hair for a natural look.

 Shape your eyebrows

You can also follow this guide to perfectly shade your brows using the outline you have made.

 How to shape your eyebrows

To further motivate you to shape your eyebrows, here are some of the women with perfect eyebrows:

Angelina Jolie and her mystifying eyebrows

Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian and her smooth brows

Kim Kardashian

Your eyebrows are your eyes’ frames so beautify them for a more flattering look.