How to Style Medium Length Hairstyles

Not too long but neither too short – that’s what a great medium length hairstyle is all about. A lot of people say that they don’t dig medium length hairstyles because they find the length awkward and difficult to style. This is not true at all. Medium length hairstyles are very versatile and they can be styled in more ways than one. You just have to know how to go about working your way in and out of your hair. In case you’re considering getting a medium length hairstyle soon, here are some ways on how you can tweak and style your hair to suit your style and liking:

  • Sweet southern charm – captivate people with your sweet charming southern look by adding long side fringes. Gorgeous highlights and lowlights will also give your medium length hairstyle more depth and dimension to make it look more interesting. Go for subtly tapered ends, too, to make your hairstyle look softer rather than having big layers. This will accentuate the smoothness and shine of your hair more.

sweet medium brunette sweet medium length

  • Well-tapered ends – sometimes it’s difficult to go for medium length hairstyles if you don’t know what would best compliment your face shape or if you aren’t sure of what you face shape really is. To be safe, go for a medium length hairstyle with well tapered ends just under the chin. These layers will create a soft look that will flatter and frame most facial shapes beautifully. For more dimension, you can also add wispy bangs at an angle.

tapered ends and bangs

tapered ends

  • Sexy waves – it can be a little bit tricky to find the right size of barrel for curling medium length hair, especially if you’re doing it on your own at home. A much safer way to achieve a sexy medium wave hairstyle is by giving it waves, instead of full curls. Creating waves on your hair is very easy regardless of whether you have fine or thick hair.

wavy brown hair wavy midlength

  • Straight edge – Two of the most gorgeous and youthful looking celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum, both sport medium length hairstyles. Another common hair thing about these two beauties is that they both like wearing their medium length hairstyles straight and sleek which contributes a lot to their very fresh looks.

straight hair gwyneth paltrow straight heidi klum hair

  • Big, bouncy curls – if you’ve always been an expert at curling your own hair, you’ll find that big bouncy curls on medium length hair that falls right by the shoulder can look very girly and gorgeous. Big bouncy curls will help soften your jaw lines and will also help frame your face to emphasize your assets. A one inch barrel curling iron is often what does the job for medium length hair.

curly medium length hair curly hair