How to Use Makeup to Look Thinner

Makeup is a weapon that we women use to make ourselves look and feel better. One of the really nice things about makeup is that it boosts a person’s confidence. With the right tools and techniques, you can use makeup to enhance your features, conceal your flaws and make you look just fantastic overall. Another thing that women use makeup for is to look thinner. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with a cute, chubby face, some women just want to look like they have a thinner face and this is achieved through makeup. If you want to know how to use makeup to look thinner, check out our tips below.

  • Conceal dark circles and eye bags – dark circles under the eyes and eye bags are a telltale sign that one is sleep deprived, tired or just plain exhausted. Aside from these, dark under eye circles and eye bags can make your face look fuller too. If you want your face to look thinner, make sure you cover up your dark circles and eye bags with concealer. This will not just make your face look thinner, it also makes you look livelier and more glowing and rested.

eye bags eyes

  • Arch your brows a little higher – arching your brows a little bit higher than usual is an effective way to make your face look slimmer. Making them darker also helps create the illusion of a slimmer face, too. When choosing an eye brow pencil to fill your brows with, make sure to go only 2 shades darker at the most. This way, your brows would still look natural.

arched brow look

arched brows

  • Open up your eyes – bigger eyes make the face look smaller and slimmer. You can open up your eyes by applying mascara on the bottom and lower lashes. You can also use white eye liner on the inner corner of your eyes to make them look more lively and awake. Not a lot of people can stand having their water lines lined but if you can, use dark liner on your water lines (both upper and lower water lines). This will frame the eyes and make them look bigger.

big eyes makeup big eyes

  • Face sculpting – face sculpting is an expensive surgery but it really does make your face thinner. If you’re on a budget, you can still get the same sculpted look on your face just by using makeup. A bronzer and a highlighter is essential to ‘sculpting’ your face to make it look thinner. Use your bronzer to contour your jaws, the temples, your nose and cheeks and use your highlighter to illuminate the cupid’s now, the center of the nose, above the cheekbones and the forehead. When done correctly, this will make your face instantly slimmer.

highlight and contour highlight and

  • Wear light colored lipstick – dark lipstick colors tend to make your face look puffy and full so if you want to look thinner, go for lighter lipstick colors instead. Nude colors are really lovely for spring and so are light pink lips. Top it off with a little gloss for that sheen look and you’re all ready.

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