How to Wear 2014’s Color: Radiant Orchid

So, I guess it’s official: good bye, emerald and hello, radiant orchid! As Pantone declared earlier this year, radiant orchid is the color of the year. That means it’s going to be a sea of pinkish magentas on runways and on the streets. While this can be good news for all the girly girls out there who love all hues dainty and feminine, it might not be so for those who are already set in their comfort zones when it comes to colors. Whether you belong in the first group or second group, we have a list of ways on how to wear 2014’s color: radiant orchid. And that includes both bold and subtle ways so read on!

  • Wear it on your face – if you think that the radiant orchid color is just not your cup of tea for fashion, why not incorporate it in for beauty? The color radiant orchid makes a beautiful choice for a lot of cosmetic items including lipstick and lip glaze colors, blush and even eye shadows. It’s a real subtle way to add the color in the mix without looking like you tried too hard.

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  • Wear it as a pop of color – with summer still a few months away, we’re somehow still stuck with winter which means we’re still also stuck with seeing people dresses in black heavy clothes and other dark colors. Cheer up, though! Adding a pop of color to any dark outfit makes it look livelier and more exciting and radiant orchid is a really great color to go with all the dark hues we see in winter.

pop of color look

pop of color

  • Wear it as a statement color – quite the wild child of fashion, are you? Dare to wear 2014’s color all out by donning on a radiant orchid dress to make the biggest and boldest fashion statement of the day. You can keep up with the theme and accessorize with everything else in the same color of you can take the more sophisticated route and accessorize with darker complimentary colors to get a stunning look.

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  • Don’t wear it, just nail it – still looking for an even more subtler way to incorporate the radiant orchid color into your look without having to leave your comfort zone totally? Well then, I suggest you use the color to paint your nails instead. it’s not bold and flashy but it still looks cool and pretty every time you wave your hand around.

nails radinat orchid nails

  • Accessorize with it – now, if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the radiant orchid color into your overall look without burning a hole in your pocket or without breaking the bank for new clothes in this particular color, one thing you can do is to accessorize in radiant orchid instead. if you come to think about it, the radiant orchid color can be a pretty easy color to match with others so buying a few bold and bright accessories to put on or carry around wouldn’t really be a waste of money as you would be able to pair them with most things in your closet anyway.


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