How to Wear Blue Eye Makeup

Blue eye make-up can add instant pop to your peepers without being too loud for more casual occasions. Blue eye shadow is no longer banished to the runways and fashion spreads and appears as a side-by-side color in many eye shadow palettes featuring six or less shades.

In other words, blue can be a stand alone or a complement to your overall eye look. Here are suggestions for incorporating blue eye make-up into your routine.


blue eye makeup

Start Small with Blue Eyeliner

Instead of diving into the deep end of the beauty pool right away, do a few laps around the shallow end by gradually implementing blue colors that are only a few shades off from colors you already wear.

how to use blue makeup

An excellent example can be found in eyeliner. Numerous deep blue eyeliners are available, and these can be easily used in your daily routine in place of a black liner. Jane #04 – nite sapphire eyeliner is light enough to be distinctively blue while being dark enough to pair with more conservative outfits or occasions.

blue makeup

Pick the Right Blue Eyeshadow Compact

If you must dive into a total blue routine, then be sure to pick up a color quad of eyeshadow colors instead of a trio or duo. A quad will allow you room to grow with your blue shades. A good quad will contain an almost navy blue, a deep blue, a very light (lighter than sky) blue, and a virtually white shade.

blue eye shadow

This quad can be used to create soft looks and expressive looks when utilized properly. Department store brands will usually produce the best results, but drug store compacts can be utilized to great effect if loose particles are always blown off of the shadow before each use.

how to use blue eye shadow

A Soft Blue Eye Shadow Look

Apply eye shadow primer. Forego regular eyeliner and use the deep blue (not the darkest!) to line your upper lid. Follow with the lightest shade as your base eye shadow. Apply the lighter than sky blue to the actual lid. This is a very subtle look and will work well for girls with deep blue eyes.

bold blue makeup

A Bold Blue Eye Shadow Look

This look can be created using the same compact mentioned above, merely graduate up a shade. Line with the deepest blue. Your base eyeshadow will be the second to lightest color, and the lid will take the deep blue.

bold blue makeup

Use a mere tip of the lightest shade in your compact for highlighting at the corners of your eye. Light blue eyes and green eyes can pull this look off particularly well. It can be a bit of overkill for dark blue eyes and deeper browns.

tips in using bold blue makeup

The Blue Smoky Eye

A final way to utilize blue eye makeup is to create a blue smoky eye. The bold blue eye featured above is very near a smoky eye, but it needs just a hint more drama. Start with a good primer, then line your upper eye with an actual eyeliner, preferably a cream stick – the Jane shade suggested above would work well. Use a light shadow across your entire eye as a base.

blue smoke eye makeup

Apply your most mysterious (and a very dark!) blue to your lid just until the crease of your eye. Blend, and blend well to create the best illusion. Line your lower lash line with a slightly lighter eyeliner and smudge. Finally layer on an ample amount of mascara. From a blue smoky eye to utilizing a single blue eye-liner, there is something for every level of adventure when it comes to rocking eye make-up!

how to apply blue smokey eye makeup