How to Wear Blue Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, most women like to use only black and brown because they’re neutral and they work well on their own and with lots of other different eye makeup looks. While black and brown and eyeliners do a great job at framing and defining the eyes, these colors tend to get boring.

If you want an eyeliner color that you can wear to spice up your looks, why not try blue eyeliner? Women tend to shy away from blue eyeliner because they’re afraid of ending up like a 13 year old who went crazy at the makeup counter but if you know how to wear blue eyeliner, it can actually look very sexy and flattering. Here are some tips on how to wear blue eyeliner:

  • Dark and subtle – if you want to play it safe while wearing blue eyeliner, the best way to go about it is to wear a dark shade of blue. When we say dark, we mean dark to the point of it looking like black unless you come up close and stare then you realize it’s actually blue. It’s a nice way to shake up your everyday look without doing a big, drastic change. You’ll surely love how people will get intrigued on whether you’re wearing black or blue eyeliner.

dark blue eyeliner dark blue liner


  • Keep the rest of your look simple – in case you do choose to wear a shade of blue eyeliner that’s a little more noticeable, make sure to keep the rest of your look simple. Stick to light eye makeup (or none at all, if unnecessary), natural blush and light to nude lips. A fully made up face with bright blue eyeliner is just over the top and can make you look like a drag queen.

subtle blue liner

simple blue eyeliner

blue eyeliner makeup

  • For newbies, start with pencil – if you’ve just started out experimenting with blue eyeliner, it’s best to use a pencil liner. This is because pencil liners are a lot easier to control compared to gel and liquid liner, thus allowing you to get a decent look, even with wobbly hands. It’s also easier to wipe off pencil eyeliner in case you don’t get the results you like the first time.

sexy blue eyeliner makeup light blue eyeliner

  • Smudge it – for a quick but sexy daytime look, put on about a layer or two of blue eyeliner on and smudge it with your finger then reapply one more stroke. The smudged eyeliner functions as your eye shadow which combines perfectly with your eyeliner.

cool blue liner blue waterline

blue eyeliner