How to Wear Bronzer for Fall

We all know one of the best ways to add warmth and color to pale skin is through using a bronzer but did you know that your summer bronzing routine may not be the best one to go with come fall and winter? Back in summer, you may have only used bronzer to sculpt your face or to add some shimmer to your look or to complement the warmth and the color your skin already had but your skin loses that slightly sun-kissed color once fall comes around and you get paler by the day. That’s what makes summer and fall bronzing different. Here are some tips on how to wear bronzer for fall.

  • Update your shade – as said above, your skin may have already lost that sun kissed color come fall time so that bronzer you used to wear back in summer may already be a tad too dark for you. Unless you’re fake-tanning for fall and winter, it’s best to look for a lighter bronzer to use for your now lighter skin. Updating your bronzer color / shade will ensure you that you get a natural looking result every time.

contour natural look light and natural bronzer cream bronzer look

  • Go matte – summer was all about the shimmery bronzers but fall isn’t the time for that. For fall, you’ll want to look for a bronzer that’s more on the matte side. All the shimmery products including bronzer can be used for fall parties and events but if you’re looking for something for everyday use, stick to matte. Matte bronzers also work and look better when used for contouring as compared to shimmery bronzers. If you must use shimmery bronzer (for parties, as mentioned above), stick to those that have finer specks of shimmer instead of big chunks of glitter.

fall makeup and bronzer natural bronzer look light matte bronzer

  • Sculpt it – another way to update your bronzer routine for fall is to use your gorgeous bronzer to really sculpt your face, define your flaws and make your face look slimmer by contouring instead of just using it to add warmth to your face as you did back in summer. As mentioned earlier, matte bronzers work best for this.

gorgeous skin color fall runway bronzer look pale skin bronzed cheeks

  • Choose cream – powder bronzer is great and all but if you’re not careful, it tends to look really fake. If you’re looking for a safe way to use bronzer and contour your face with it, you can try going with a cream product. It’s way more natural than powder and it tends to last longer as well.

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