How to wear girls cowboy boots


Girls Cowboy boots might look “too western,” but the truth is wearing it with the right kinds of clothes can make it an essential piece of any girl’s closet. Before you throw away your cowboy boots, here are style tips that can change your mind and perspective about wearing these special shoes.

Jeans + Girls  Cowboy Boots = perfection!

Cowboy Boots are said to be made for denim. If you have flared denims, it’s best to wear your cowboy boots underneath. That’s why they’re called boot-leg denims in the first place.

If you have skinny jeans, then you can wear your cowboy boots on top of it. What’s great about this slim-fit denim is that you can tuck it inside the boot easily without worrying about bunching that can damage your appearance.

If you don’t have skinny jeans, tucking straight pants inside your cowboy boots can also do the trick. For best results, wear a tailored jacket to lessen the country vibe of the boots.

Leggings + Girls Cowboy Boots = sexy!

Leggings are great bottoms which can flaunt your curves without the heavy fabric associated with denim. Just like slim jeans, leggings can be easily tucked inside your cowboy boots. Remember to pick a neutral-colored top or cardigan to complete the look because the cowboy boots are “statement pieces” by themselves.

Dress + Girls Cowboy Boots = beautiful!

What’s important here is that you pair womens cowboy boots with the perfect kind of dress. There are several types of dresses you can match with your cowboy boots. One example is the flowy and airy dress. The looseness and femininity of these types of dresses can tone down the country look of your cowboy boots. Complete the look by picking the right accessories to complement your dress and boots.

Another dress that goes well with cowboy boots is a simple, classic dress. Most cowboy boots are designed with embroidery and hardware so the best way to tone these ‘loud’ embellishments is to pair the boots with a simple dress.

Pairing your cowboy boots with the wrong types of clothes can cause you a warrant of arrest from the fashion police. These boots might be over the top, but it doesn’t mean that you should keep them in your closet forever. The key is to pair your boots with the right kind of clothes.  Just follow these rules and you can become “country chic” in no time!