How to Wear Knit Hats

Knit hats are very cute and stylish. They do a great job in keeping your head warm on days when the weather gets chilly. Aside from that, knit hats are also a great way to cover up your hair when you’re having a bad hair day or when you simply don’t have the time to do a cute hairstyle on your hair. Most of the time, knit hats come in the form of beanies but there are also other styles. You can buy these but if you know how to crochet you can do them yourself so that you can customize the fit and the colors. Here are some tips on how to wear knit hats with style:

  • Wear it with side fringes out – side fringes do a good job in slimming down a round face. This effect can be optimized when you wear a knit hat and leave your side fringes peeking out. It’s a very gorgeous and chic look that you can wear with your hair down loose. You don’t need to bother about your fringes being perfect because your knit hat is sure to keep them intact and in place.

fringe out fringe out of knit hat

  • Wear it with blunt bangs – another great way to make a round face appear smaller is by getting blunt bangs and as with side fringes, the slimming effect of blunt bangs on the face can be optimized by wearing a knit hat over it and leaving it peeking out. This look is more fun and youthful compared to side fringes.

blunt bangs beanie

blunt bangs

  • Wear it with braided hair – usually women like to wear their hair down when wearing knit hats because it looks more girly. However, if you’ve got long or thick hair (or both) it can sometimes be irritating to keep minding it every now and then. A great solution to this is to braid your hair before wearing your knit hat. This is a great way to keep hair off your face while wearing a hat.

braided hair braided hair and beanie

  • Wear it over your ears – a really good way to keep not only your head but also your ears warm and toasty on a cold day is to wear your knit hat (preferably beanie style ones) over your ears. This is a very stylish and also functional way of wearing a knit hat.

covered ears beanie

  • Wear a bright knit hat – brighten and liven up any outfit by adding a pop of color through your knit hat. Knit hats come in many colors and some will even have various cute designs. If you tend to gravitate towards plain and dark outfits during the cold seasons, a bright knit hat will surely be a great addition to your look.

bright beanie bright knit hat