How to Wear Nude Lips

Nude lips are once again making a huge comeback although to some beauty enthusiasts, they never really left the beauty scene. Nude lips are perfect if you want something that isn’t too loud and bright. It’s one of the most popular choices when it comes to lip color for everyday makeup for a lot of women. Another reason why women love wearing nude lips is because it’s very easy to pull off; it doesn’t just work for specific skin tones or certain makeup styles. It works for everyone, be it a teen who’s just getting started with makeup or a student who can’t always be wear bold and bright lips or a working woman who barely has time to do her makeup in the morning. Here are some suggestions on how to wear nude lips:

  • Exfoliate before you put lipstick on – the secret to getting smooth and luscious looking lips is to moisturize your lips regularly. However, if you haven’t got time for a regular routine, the least you can do is to exfoliate your lips before you put your lipstick on.

 nude lips smokey eye nude lips look

  • Get the ‘barely there’ look – amidst a sea of faces wearing bold, bright and dark makeup, a simple face is always a refreshing sight. Get the ‘barely there’ makeup look by wearing your nude lips along with very simple makeup. This means neutral eye shadows and very light blush colors. Of course, you can also wear eye liner but keep it light as well.

 nude lips barely there

nude lips looks


  • Tip for fair skinned women – if you’ve got fair skin and want to wear a nude lip, make sure to add a little bit of color to your face, like perhaps colored eye shadows and fairly strong contours, to make sure you don’t look washed out. Nude lips look great on women with a tan or at least some color on their skin but don’t let this discourage you if you have fair skin.

 nude lipstick coral nude

  • Go for strong and bold eyes – another way to wear nude lips is to wear it with strong and bold eye makeup. Because of the look of simplicity that nude lips can give you, wearing it with dramatic eyes would give it a great deal of balance so don’t shy away from a smokey eye.

 nude lips nude lips makeup

  • Find the perfect match – just because you’ll be wearing a nude lip doesn’t mean any nude lipstick will do. To get the best nude lip look, get the perfect shade of nude for your skin color. in case you’re not sure what the best shade for you is, you can always ask for help from any makeup counter.

nude lips and bright eyes nude lips dark eyes