How to Wear Orange Lipstick

Orange lips are one of the biggest and hottest when it comes to this season’s beauty and makeup trends. Lots of designers had their models sashay down the runway with bright, vibrant orange lips a while ago during the Spring Fashion Week. Though it may seem like such a strong, intimidating color, orange lipstick is actually very wearable. It’s pretty and it’s a nice way to add that pop of color into your look when you need it. if you’re someone who is already comfortable with wearing red lips then rocking the orange lip shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. Here are some tips on how to wear orange lipstick.

  • Fresh faced – one of the safest, most fool-proof way to wear orange lipstick is to wear it with a fresh face. This means minimal or no makeup at all. Of course, we all know that not all of us have flawless skin so feel free to cover up with foundation / BB cream and concealer if you must but go light on other products like blush, bronzers and especially eye shadows. Highlighter is optional but are not necessary for this look. A fresh, clean face and an orange lip makes a nice go-to makeup look for lazy days in spring.

fresh fresh face

  • Bold brow beauty – the combination of orange lipstick and bold brows was one of the most popular looks from the runways of Spring Fashion Week. To pull this look off, you’ll want to avoid introducing other colors in the face as it can make it look like there’s too much going on. Start off with a basic face (foundation & concealer) then start building your brows. Make it as bold as you want. Take inspiration from Cara Delevingne’s photo below or go even bolder if you’re feeling experimental. Once your brows are filled up, swipe on your orange lipstick and get ready to look amazing!

bold brows

bold brows look bold brows and orange lips

  • Drama Queen – orange lipstick shades can range from wearable hues to neon tints that you would only want to wear at a crazy party. Choose the boldest, brightest, wackiest shade of orange lipstick that you think you can pull off and pair it up with a dramatic eyeliner style on your eyes. Use neutral eye shadow colors for the eyes and do the most dramatic eye liner style you know of and you’re all set! This makes a great statement look for pictures or for parties.

drama dramatic

  • Two-toned tint – if you want a more three-dimensional look on your lips, you should definitely try creating two-toned lips with your orange lipstick. Ombre lips are super cute for summer and spring so you could try your hand on that. Colors like red, pink and coral look really well when mixed in gradient style on the lips.

 two tone two tone lips two tone gradient