How to Wear Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick may be hard to match with make-up that’s why women rarely use this lip color. Nevertheless, purple is very fun and putting it on your lips is a good way for playing on your lip color. Purple lipsticks have various shades so you only need to pick the color that would suite your taste and your make-up. If you want to wear this fun and pretty color, but don’t know how to get started, here are some of the ideas on how to wear purple lipstick:

Dark purple lipstick with black lip liner with minimal makeup on the eyes, black mascara and matte face powder is a nice way to look simple, yet stunning on your purple lipstick. This is actually a lighter way on putting on a Gothic look.

Dark Purple Lipstick Idea

Another way of wearing a dark purple lipstick is putting on a pink glittery eye for that magical effect on your face.

dark purple lipstick paired with pink glitter eyes

Dark purple or plum is yet another sexy and classy lip color. You can put on a plum nail color with deep black eye liner, mascara and brow liner for that sexy and mysterious look.

Dark purple lipstick

Wearing dark purple ombre lipstick is also a pretty way to wear purple lips. Match it with pink and purple eyeshadow with dramatic winged purple eyeliner for that cat’s eye effect.

Dark purple ombre lips

Kat Graham wears purple lipstick with  pastel purple eyeshadow and black extreme cat-eye liner for that innocent, yet chic look.

Kat Graham wearing purple lipstick

Want a colorful make up? Then, wear this glossy bright purple lipstick with pink in the center with dramatic purple, pink and blue eye makeup for that flamboyant look. Also, match with purple or pink nail color to complete the look.

Purple lips

If you opt for more subtle way of using purple lipstick in an ordinary day, you can put on a neon purple lipstick paired with matching purple eyeliner such as this one.

Purple lipstick and purple eyeliner

Light purple lipstick with clear lip gloss, black eyeliner and white shimmer eyeshadow is also a very pretty way to wear a purple lipstick. The eye makeup is very subtle, which prevents too much make-up making your purple lips the center of attraction.

Purple Lipstick ideas

Now if you desire a beautiful snow princess look, wear your white  hair with pale purple lipstick and jewels in the hair for an extraordinary look during winter.

Purple lipstick

Finally, if you want a head-turner extraordinary look, you can imitate Nicki Minaj in her purple lipstick, black eyeliner and teal eyeshadow and hair.

Nicki Minaj wearing purple lipstick

Wearing purple lipstick is very fun and pretty so you might as well consider the above ideas to beat the boredom of using conventional lip colors.