How to Wear Your Bangs

Bangs are an awesome way to add spice to your looks. They’re a nice way to make your hairstyle look more updated and modern. There are various styles of bangs and each one would look best with a specific facial shape. Of course, the best way to know which style of bangs go best with your face will shape is to consult your hairstylist about it. if you’ve already got bangs and are wondering how to wear it, here are some tips for you:

  • Straight bangs – straight is the most popular and most basic way to wear your bangs. This look works best for women who have round faces because it helps create an illusion of a smaller face. To achieve a chic and polished look with straight bangs, blow dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry and then switch your blower’s setting to low and continue drying your bangs but this time use a round brush while doing so. This will result in straight bangs with just the right amount of pouf.

straight bangs hairstyle straight bangs hairstyle straight bangs

  • Braided bangs – if you’re tired of the way your bangs are always hanging down your face and poking through your eye (a common problem with women who have grown out bangs), you have three choices. You can wear a headband to keep your bangs away from your face and you can also use hair pin or a hair clip to tuck it away but if you find the first two choices boring and want something more fun, you can braid your bangs.  This is also perfect for second or even third day hair.

braided bangs hairstyle braided bangs

  • Wispy bangs – women with strong jaw features and a square facial shape should consider getting wispy bangs more than any other style. wispy bangs do a great job when it comes to softening the features on a square face. It’s an easy way to wear your bangs considering that you don’t have to do much to get it to look nice.

wispy bangs hair wispy bangs

  • Side swept bangs – if you’ve got a round or oval facial shape, one of the easiest way to create an elongating effect is by going for side swept bangs. You can have your bangs swept to the side where your features are highlighted and accentuated the most. The deeper your bangs are swept to the side, the sexier you look.

side swept bangs side swept

  • Center parted bangs – the minute your straight bangs growing out and you don’t feel like keeping the same bangs style any longer, you may think of just tucking it in with a clip or headband until it’s long enough for a side swept style. You don’t really have to. You can simply part your bangs in the center instead. This will give you a slight idea of how side swept bangs will look like and will give your straight bangs a less harsh look.

center parted bangs center parted