Lipstick Alternatives That You Should Try

It’s amazing how one swipe of lipstick can instantly up your mood and boost your confidence. A lot of women like wearing lipstick because it’s one of the easiest things that you can wear to spice up your look without looking like you’re trying too hard. On days when you’re in a rush, just wear a flattering lipstick color and you can forget about the rest of your makeup. I like wearing some color on my lips but there’s just something about lipsticks that isn’t very appealing to me and I’m sure there are some of you out there who feel the same way too. Whatever your reason is, I’m sure you’re always looking for alternatives that you can use to put color on your lips without wearing lipstick so here are some of our suggestions on lipstick alternatives that you should try. Some of these can be readily bought while others can be made at home.

  • Lip stains – a lot of brands are now coming up with lip stains that come in retractable pencil forms like the Revlon Just Bitten line. These lip stains are lighter than lipstick and they give sheerer colors but they’re easily buildable. Most of these lip stains do stay on the lips for a very long time so there’s little to no need for touch ups during the day but you might want to build up some more color if you’re also wearing it for the night.

light pink lipstick matte lip color

  • Tinted lip balms – some lipsticks can have a drying effect on the lips which is why a lot of women despise using them. if you want something that will moisturize your lips instead of dry them and you want to sport a bit of color as well, you can try going for tinted lip balms instead. It won’t give you much color, just enough to liven up a pale lip, but it does moisturize your lips well. it’s very ideal for the colder fall and winter months.

hot pink lipstick

barbie pink lipstick

  • Eye shadow – yes, it sounds weird but you can definitely get some color on your lips using a product that’s meant to be worn on the eyes. Why use an eye shadow, you ask? This is practical if you need a lip color that you will only be using once, say, to go with a costume or for dress up. Scrape a little bit of eye shadow, mix it with some lip gloss of Vaseline and you have the exact color that you need!

fire truck red lipstick warm lip color

  • Lip creams – another more moisturizing alternative to lipsticks are lip creams. Nyx has recently come up with an extensive line of matte lip creams. These products go on your lips like lip gloss (they come in a tube like lip gloss, too) but after a little while, they dry up and turn into what looks like a matte lipstick finish. Other brands like Buxom and Bite Beauty have similar products as well.

dark wine lipstick perfect nude lip

  • Lip liner topped with lip gloss – if you don’t like anything creamy on your lips, you can try wearing lip liner instead. Line and fill your lips with lip liner and top it off with lip gloss or leave it as it is if you want to get a matte finish. Lip liner tends to stay on longer than lipstick, too, so it’s perfect if you want something that needs no touch ups.

bright coral lipstick peachy orange lipstick