Long Sleeve Dresses

I remembered going through my grandma’s photo albums and I saw that they were wearing long sleeve dresses back then. And it came to my thought that trends back then were resurfacing now. Long sleeve dresses nowadays are being worn for casual get ups and is a sign of sophistication. Long sleeve dresses are great options to consider when going out for a dinner, movie date or to church functions. Long sleeve dresses are great style classic.

Wearing those makes you look smart and formal and at the same time they cover up any flaws you have on your shoulders or arms. One trendy way to wear them is by layering them with cardigans or vests or simply rolling the sleeves up can add touch to it. Throwing in a color of cardigan into the long sleeve dresses can make them pop and stand out.

long sleeve dress

Just because you are heading out to meet your friends doesn’t mean you have to miss the chance to dress up. In fact, long sleeve dresses are perfect fashion get ups. Polka dots in black and white are really great patterns when it comes to long sleeve dresses.

Long sleeve Mini dresses


Long sleeve dresses are also a great way to warm up and at the same time be fashionable glamorous. People will get the idea that just because it’s cold and you want to warm up doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. If you want to sparkle all night long at a night out with some of your friends, check out America’s Retro Luna Dress.

Long sleeve  maxi dresses

long sleeve maxi dresses

There are two types of long sleeve dresses. One is the long sleeve dresses that are short and the other is one is the lengthy. Short long sleeve dresses are perfect to wear on day time and the lengthy long sleeve dresses are great for evening parties. Hollywood’s finest Actresses Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway are some of the celebrities who wore a lengthy long sleeve dresses on one of their red carpet events.

long sleeve dress

With your hair, you can always curl them or straighten them up. It doesn’t matter. A lot of freelance models on lookbook are often sporting long sleeve dresses with chic sneakers. They key here is to mix and combine different trends to come up with one fashion style. You don’t have to go around and follow what others wear. You just have to create your own sense of style.

Lace long sleeve dress

lace long sleeve dress

casual long sleeve dress

Black long sleeve dress

black long sleeve dress