Look Good in your Black Lipstick

Well, I overheard a person saying that black lipsticks are only for Halloween and women should not try to use them when they don’t need to portray a dead role. While the woman is true, black lipstick should not be seen as something that should be kept in the drawer until Halloween comes because black lips are also trendy and creates a unique fashion statement that only few women can dare to wear.

If you are one of those women who consider black lipsticks as fashionable and would venture into using it, here are some of the best black lipsticks that you can have:

Black lipsticks have the image of being Gothic. If you want to achieve that look with a little shine on your lips so as not to look very boring, you can use a black radiance lipstick such as this one with some glitters on it. Match it with an equally flattering brows, eyeliner and eye lashes for that flawless look.

Glittery Black Lipstick

While black can be used in Gothic fashion, you can also use it without looking very creepy. Here, Beyonce exudes a gorgeous look in her matte black lipstick.

Beyonce Black Lipstick

Scarlett Johanssen poses for a cosmetic line in her black knight lipstick looking very sexy and chic.

Scarlett Johanssen Black Lipstick

You can pair smokey eyes with a dark black lipstick as well for that very melodramatic look.

Sexy Black lipstick

If you don’t want a pure blakc lisptick, you can get a black honey lipstick such as this one for a little tinge of red and purple.

Red Black Lipstick

Women can also look classy, but simple in black lipstick. If you want a minimalist make-up, you can actually forgo putting on other cosmetics, but use a wet and wild black lipstick for that simple drama in your face.

Pretty Black lipstick

You can also use a matte black lipstick if you don’t want so much shine on your lips.

Matte Black Lipstick

Gold and black comes together so you can as well use a black gold lipstick such as this one. The black color is very dominant, but a little gold tinge is also present to beat the boredom on your lips.

Gold Black lipstick

Well, let’s say black really looks good on witches. So if you want that look, you can color your hair and use black lipstick for that classy witch look.

Cute Black lipstick

Women who desire unique wedding ideas go as far as using black gowns. But if you still want to  use white, yet you also want some drama, then you can go for a deep black lipstick instead.

Black lipstick

As they say, black is beautiful so never underestimate what a black lipstick can do on your look.