Look Good with Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If you plan to cut off your long locks, you can get your ideas from celebrity short hairstyles. A lot of women prefer to have shorter hairstyles because it is more comfortable most especially during the hot weather. There are several short hairstyles for women to choose from, but choose the one that fits the frame of your face the best. Celebrities have great hairstyles. First, because they have their hair stylists to decide what to do with their hair, and second, because they have to maintain their hair at its best every day.

celebrity short hairstyles

Anna Faris’s sleek bob has a clean cut. A bob would be somewhat incomplete if there are no bangs. Maintain the sleekness of the bob with hair products that keeps the hair in place.

Anna Faris Sleek Bob


Ashlee Simpson has a beautifully done razor haircut. If a woman has a large body frame, she should avoid most short hairstyles because it may make the face appear larger.

Ashlee Simpson Razor Cut


Carey Mulligan’s pixie cut looks great. If you have a pixie cut like this, you can play with your hair using gels and other hair products. You can mess it up, put some hair clips, and just have fun with your look.

Carey Mulligan Pixie Cut


Dannii Minogue has a beautifully cut hair that fits her frame nicely. This is one of the short curly hairstyles that are easy to manage. It is not very curly, just slightly wavy. There is less maintenance to this type of hairstyle compared to the sleek ones.

Dannii Minogue Short Bob


If you want carefree celebrity short hairstyles, Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair is one of the best choices. Use holding hair products to achieve Ginnifer’s look.

Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Hair


Hayden Panettiere’s hairstyle is one of the best short celebrity hairstyles. Her hair has highlights in the right places.

Hayden Panettiere Short Wavy


One of the actresses that really pulls the celebrity short haircuts well is Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams Short Hair


Reese Witherspoon has a simple haircut which matches the frame of her face very well.

Reese Witherspoon Short Hairstyle


Another short curly hairstyle is pulled off by Selena Gomez. The curls on her hair are nicely done. It is not too poofy, which is good because it may make the face look wider.

Selena Gomez Short Locks


Victoria Beckham is one of the many who looks absolutely gorgeous with short layered hairstyles. It may look as if she just gotten out of her bed, but it still looks fabulous.

Victoria Beckham Short Hair


There are more styles that you can do for a short hair. The best way to know which haircut fits you the most is by consulting a hair stylist. When all goes well and you like the celebrity short hairstyles that you have, your hair will grow again and it is up to you to have it styled again or not.