Looking Gorgeous in Gold Makeup

It may seem like an odd idea to you at first, especially if you like to keep your makeup simple and light but wearing gold makeup can actually be done without looking so much like a diva. Gold makeup is actually very versatile. Wearing gold makeup does not necessarily have to be done only for parties, it can also be worn during the day but of course then it will have to be done in a more subtle manner. Here are some tips on how you can look gorgeous in gold makeup:

  • Gold on your face – no, we don’t mean smother your face with the color gold. Gold can be worn on the face by choosing a face product like liquid foundation that contains very fine minute gold particles that give a little bit of shimmer and glow to your face. To wear this, make sure to apply a small amount of the product with a very light hand and blend well. Keep the rest of your makeup matte and neutral to make it appropriate for daytime but feel welcome to wear more shimmer if you’re wearing this on a night out.

face gold makeup face gold shimmer

  • Metallic gold eyes at night – if you’re attending a party and you want to stand out and look glamorous, do metallic gold eyes. For a more formal party, use fine gold shimmery eye shadow and blend with warm neutral colors like brown and bronze then complete your look with simple nude or coral lips to achieve an elegant look. if you’re going to a wilder party, go for a smokey gold eye look achieved with chunky gold glitter shadows and black bold liner.

party gold makeup

party gold smokey eye

  • Golden falsies – if you really want a show stopping makeup statement, why not try incorporating gold on extravagant false eye lashes? You can go anywhere from the simple ones that have a few strands of gold lash strands blended with the natural colors or to the really exaggerated ones that don’t even look like lashes anymore or anything else in between.

lashes gold lashes simple gold

  • Highlighting in gold – if you want something rather subtle that you can wear on an everyday basis, use gold as your highlight color. there is a trick to using gold as your highlight color when doing your makeup and that is to use it only on one area that you really want to emphasize or bring attention to. For example if you have great cheekbones, use gold to highlight that area and either keep the rest without highlight or use a more subtle highlight.

highlight cheekbone gold

fall gold makeup

highlight gold

copper gold makeup

gold eyeshadows gold makeup

smoky eyes with gold eyeshadowssmoky eyes with gold

gold eyeshadows blue eyes