Makeup and Beauty Tips for a Vacation in the Tropics

The temps are getting warmer by the day and one of our favorite ways to beat the heat has always been a nice dip in the pool or a trip to the beach. Either way, swimming is one of our favorite activities for the warmer seasons and I think there’s no better way to enjoy days like these than to visit a tropical place and just enjoy the sun, sand and sea. A vacation in the tropics may seem like a good idea until you realize that you need to modify your beauty routine while on vacay because of certain factors like the weather. So, what changes do you need to make in your routine? Check out these makeup and beauty tips for a vacation in the tropics and see how you can survive the tropics while still being your usual beautiful self.

  • Wear sunscreen – I cannot stress this enough: wear sunscreen even when the sun isn’t shining as brightly and beaming down as hard. It’s not the heat that you’re trying to protect your skin from but rather the harmful stuff that comes from the sun’s rays so wearing sunscreen is very important. Let your sunscreen set before you put on any other product on your skin and on your face. Otherwise, all of it will just merge and melt into a disgusting blob of goo.

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  • Invest in a good primer – to help make sure your makeup stays in place all day, invest in a good primer, both for the face and the eyes. This will also make your makeup go smoother on your skin, leaving you with a nice, smooth and flawless finish.

evening makeup at the tropics

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  • Use light makeup – try to avoid any makeup product that’s too heavy because with the warm tropic weather, tendencies are that your makeup will melt and/or cake. Instead of wearing full coverage foundation, go for BB cream or tinted moisturizer and follow up with concealer if there are still sport and blemishes that remain.

bronze makeup look simple makeup look for the tropics

  • Mind your lips – lips are perhaps one of the most neglected when it comes to beauty and makeup in the tropics and then you wonder why they’re drying up. Because you sweat more, your whole body loses moisture, especially your lips. Aside from drinking lots of water, it’s also important to wear moisturizing lip products like lip balms and lip stains. While you’re at it, you may want to get one that has SPF protection, too.

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  • Consider waterproof products – if you must wear makeup to the beach or the pool and you don’t want to come out of the water looking like a hot mess, consider wearing waterproof products, especially mascara. These will stay on even after taking a dip though you may need to exert a bit more effort to take them off at the end of the day.

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These are just general tips for vacationing in the tropics. Remember that you don’t have to follow each and every single one to the tee. Feel free to change them according to your personal needs and activities planned for the trip.