Attractive Gold Eyeliner Ideas

Using gold eyeliner is a perfect way to add brightness on your eyes. Every woman desires gold and silver so why not put this color on your eyeliner as well for those sparkling and dazzling eyes. If you are not sure how to wear your gold eyeliner, here are some of the gold eyeliner ideas that you can wear:

Smoky Gold Eyeliner

Smoky eyes are not for black eyeliner only because you can also achieve it using gold eyeliner. Apply thick gold cream eyeliner and smudge it using an angled brush.

Smoky gold eyeliner

Another variation of the smoky gold eyeliner is using black eyeliner first and smudged it to create a smoky look. After which, apply a gold glitter eyeliner and also smudged it away for that fierce and dazzling eyes.

Firece and Smoky gold eyeliner

Nicole wears her gold eyeliner with her smoky eye make-up for that sexy gold eyeliner look.

Gold Eyeliner

Black and Gold Eyeliner

Black and gold compliment each other especially when using them on make-ups. The black eyeliner draws a perfect shape on the eyes while the gold eyeliner accentuates the style. First, draw black eyeliner on the top lash line and add another layer of gold eyeliner above it.

Black and gold eyeliner

Lower Lash Line Gold Eyeliner

Another excellent idea on how to wear gold eyeliner is using black eyeliner on the top lash line and using gold eyeliner on the lower lash line. It’s very unique and matches younger women for that dramatic effect on the eyes.

Gold and black eyeliner

Cat’s Eye Gold Eyeliner

The cat’s eye effect can be further made into an attractive look by applying a layer of gold eyeliner above it. Also, use gold glitter eyeliner on the inner third of the lower lash line to complete that sparkling look.

Cat's eye gold eyeliner

Sparkling Gold Eyeliner

For that astounding Cleopatra look, use sparkling gold eyeliner when achieving a winged tip eyeliner style. The sparkling gold is very attractive and fresh.

Gold glitter eyeliner idea

If you want a darker shade, this golden-bronze eyeliner idea is also cute. Apply thick gold eyeliner and create a winged tip design for a sophisticated look.

Gold glitter eyeliner

Gold Waterline Eyeliner

Light gold is a good choice for waterline eyeliners. It creates a bright and fresh appearance on the eyes. To achieve this look, wear black eyeliner from the middle portion of both upper and lower lash line and use gold eyeliner on the inner corners of the eye.

Modest Gold Eyeliner

Winged tip Gold Eyeliner

If you just want a simple look on your eyes and when you are rushing to go out of the house, wearing this easy-to-do winged tip eyeliner in gold is very nice.

Simple gold eyeliner

When it comes to make-ups, gold is a royal color so you might as well reinvent on your eyeliner styles by using gold eyeliner.