Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Flattering Eyes

The eyes are the center of attraction in your face and wearing an impressive eye makeup are makeup artists’ way to make your look more stunning. Eye makeup ideas allow you to choose from a variety of colors and designs that will suit your face, eyes as well as your taste. To give you some of the best eye makeup ideas, here are the pretty makeup ideas that you can wear:

Brown Eye Makeup

Starting from the simplest eye makeup, brown is a very safe yet very elegant color. If you are going to formal events or just want to hit your work with a glamour in your eyes, wearing brown eye makeup is an excellent choice. Apply golden brown eye shadow and finish it off with brown eyeliner and brow eyebrow pencil.

Brown eye makeup

Gold and Silver Eye Makeup

If you want more color and brilliance, wear gold and silver eye makeup for that dazzling look in your eyes. Use gold eye shadow first as your base and top with a silver one and blend naturally.

Gold and silver eye makeup

Gold Eye Makeup

For lighter and fun parties, wearing gold eye makeup is very pretty. Gold makes the eyes brighter even if you haven’t slept adequately. Apply a darker shade on the lower lid for that fresh look.

Gold eye makeup

Greasy Eye Makeup

Certain makeup brands have their own lustrous eye makeup set to give you a luminous, lustrous and glowing effect in your eyes. This is one of the best eye make up ideas for prom for that modern chic.

Greasy eye makeup

Grey Eye Makeup

During wedding events, you don’t want to overdo your makeup because it will prevent you from showing your real beauty. Grey eye makeup is one of the perfect eye make up ideas for wedding because it compliments the white wedding gown perfectly.

Grey eye makeup

Rainbow Eye Makeup

For fun and edgy eye makeup idea, this rainbow eye makeup is really cute. Instead of applying different colors one on top of the other. Apply them side by side in the upper and lower lids of the eye.

Multicolor eye makeup

Purple and Blue Eye Makeup

Fierce and sexy: this is what this eye makeup projects that is best for mature and confident women.

Purple and blue eye makeup

Smoky Eye Makeup

A classic eye makeup idea is this smoky eye shadow best for formal events. Add a little touch by sticking some golden foil on the outer corners of the eye.

Smoky shadow with golen accent

Sparkling Eye Makeup

This eye makeup idea is really very stunning and attention-catching. First, apply green and pink eye shadow for that fresh and summer feel. Apply sparkling glitters to complete the look.

Sparkling eye makeup

Undereye Makeup

For those who want a minimalist makeup with a unique touch, wearing black eyeliner on the top and lower lash line plus having a bright eye shadow on the lower lid is a one-of-a-kind eye makeup idea.

Undereye makeup

If you are wearing your makeup, make sure to choose the best eye makeup to reveal more flattering eyes.