Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Having oily skin may be one of the most common skin problems that any woman can have. Aside from the shine you need to remove all day, it becomes very tough to choose the right make up and foundation to use. Liquid and cream foundations may not be right for oily skin because they may just add oiliness to the face or the oil in the face can make the liquid foundation slide off revealing unevenly made face.

Oily skin does not match with liquid foundation well

Tinted Moisturizer

Fortunately, there are several foundations made just for women with oily skin and you just need to know how to use them and apply your make up to remove oily skin. The following are the best foundations for oily skin and ways to remove excess oil from the skin:

Clean the Face with Mild Cleansers

Before putting on make-up, make sure that your face is clean because oil-build-up can just intensify the shine on your face all day long. Use a mild cleanser and avoid harsh soaps because harsh cleansers can just trigger the production of sebum.

Cleansing the face

Apply Toners

Toners should also be applied before wearing your foundation. Toners seem to refresh the skin and remove excessive oiliness. Pay special attention on the oily areas of the face such as the forehead, chin and nose.

Facial Toners

Choose an Oil-free Moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief that women with oily skin should not use moisturizers, oil-free creams may help your skin stay young and healthy. Just stay away from greasy creams and lotions.

Skin Moisturizers

A well cleansed, toned and moisturized skin is a good base for oil-free foundations

clear skin

Apply the Right Foundation

Women with oily skin can actually use several foundations for oily skin. So what is the best foundation for oily skin? Here they are:

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is probably the best foundation for oily skin. Whether loose or pressed, you can simply apply powder foundation using a make-up sponge, kabuki brush or a powder brush to even out the skin. Powder foundations are especially good for oily skin because the powder soak up the excess oil from the face and help make the skin matte throughout the day. Just make sure to clean or replace the applicator regularly to avoid build-up of bacteria and oil.

Apply loose powder foundation using a powder brush or a make up sponge

Loose Powder Foundation

Pressed Powder Foundation for Oily Skin

Pressed Powder Foundation

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is also a best foundation for oily skin because it helps control the oil in your face and also good for those with sensitive skin. Mineral foundation is all natural so you don’t need to worry about the harsh chemicals that can make your skin oilier.

Mineral Powder Foundation for a Natural Oil-free Skin

Mineral Powder Foundation

Mousse Foundation

Mouse foundation is lighter than a liquid foundation because it has air whipped in. This makes it good for oily skin. It comes in an aerosol can or a spray for easier application.

Mousse Foundation for a light finish

Mousse Foundation

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers contain a light color, moisturizer ad sunscreen in one so you don’t need to apply these separate cosmetics in your face. Tinted moisturizer; thereby, prevent excess oils from your face because the amount of creams and cosmetics applied on your face is minimized.

Moisturizer, sunblock and foundation in one

Tinted Moisturizer

After applying these foundations on your face, make sure to wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day to prevent bacteria, oil and dirt build-up that can lead to acne formation. So if you have oily skin, the secret to keeping it oil-free is cleansing the integument properly and using the right foundations for oily skin.