Best Lipstick Colors for Women with Blonde Hair

Lipstick colors for women with blonde hair vary on different factors. One is the shade of their blonde hair and another one, among many others, is their skin tone. In general, though, women with blonde hair should steer clear of lipstick colors that are too rich, warm and dark. In certain cases, these lipstick colors would look amazing but on a regular basis, blondes are better off with lipstick colors that are bright and colorful. If you have blonde hair and are wondering what lipstick colors would look great on you, take a look at our quick list of best lipstick colors for women with blonde hair.

  • Bright red / true red – red is one of those lipstick colors that anyone can pull off no matter what hair color and skin tone. However, certain shades of red work so amazingly well with certain skin tones and hair colors as well. If you have the time to scour beauty counters for the perfect shade of red lipstick, go for a bright red or a true red color. Not sure what true red looks like? Ask for help from in-store assistants or simply take a look at Taylor Swift’s signature red lip color.

red lips true red lip color

  • Merlot – if you have a really fair skin tone that goes with your blonde hair, don’t be afraid to go a little darker than the true red lip color. Women with blonde hair and fair skin are lucky because you can pull off just about any lipstick color, including a warm, rich and creamy merlot color. This is the perfect ‘cold season’ lip color for women with blonde hair because it adds warmth and richness as well as lots of color to your look.

rich merlot lipstick colors

dark red plum merlot

  • Brownish nudes – another lipstick color that looks great on women with blonde hair are those of brownish nude hues. It’s another one of those colors that can flatter anyone. Lipstick colors like these go really well with dramatic eye makeup like smoky eyes or bright, colorful eye makeup as it tones the vibe down a bit. The brown tint also makes sure that you don’t look too washed out like you would if you used beige based nudes.

brown nude lipstick color brownish nude lips

  • Peachy coral – for a lipstick color to go with your perfectly sun kissed skin and blonde hair, go for peachy coral colors. These colors will make your lips look super soft and kissable. If you happen to find a lipstick that has a highly pigmented formula and you want to get rid of the excess color, simply blot your lips and top it off with lip gloss. This is the perfect lipstick color for blondes who want something simple and subtle for spring and summer.

coral peach lip color peachy coral lips

  • Barbie pink – if you’re looking for a lipstick color that looks great on women with blonde hair, why look any further when you have the perfect blonde girl to look up to as an example? Barbie dolls usually come with blonde hair and pink lipstick usually looks good on them, no matter what shade. Hot pink is perfect for a nice pop of color this spring while pinkish nudes are great if you want something more tame and simple and magenta lips are great if you want to get in on the hottest spring lip trends.

hot pink barbie lipstick barbie pink lips