Bold Statement Makeup Looks to Have Fun With

Women use makeup primarily to enhance their natural beauty – to conceal flaws and imperfections and to highlight assets. Different women wear different kinds of makeup. There are those who just want a soft, natural look while there are also those who prefer to go all out and use colors as much as they can to brighten up their looks. Whatever kind of makeup look it is that you usually stick with, I think you and I will both agree that we all need to step out of our comfort zone sometimes, have fun and try out a different makeup look for a change. Here are some bold statement makeup looks to have fun with.

  • Bold eyes and soft lips – this is quite an easy statement look to wear and create. It’s not as bold as pther makeup looks but to those who like their makeup soft, tame and natural, this should be bold enough. Choose a color that you normally wouldn’t wear on your eyes like purple or green and blend it with other colors to achieve a cohesive look then pair it with soft, nude lips to balance out the wildness of your eyes. You can also use neutral colors to create a strong smoky eye then pair it with simple lips for a sexy and sophisticated look.

bold blue eye makeup bold eyes soft lips

  • Matching eyes and lips – if you think that matching makeup is weird and tacky, think again! When done right, this makeup look can actually be a statement look that could wow everyone. Monochromatic makeup is easy. Some eye shadow colors easily have matching lip colors so it shouldn’t be that much trouble for you to find a pair. If you’re going for colors that are usually done for the eyes but not on the lips, you can always take a bit of the shadow and mix it with lip gloss to create a tinted lip gloss to match your eye makeup.

matching eyes and lips color

matching colors makeup

  • Glittery lids – need a makeup look that’s sure to stand out while you party with the crowd? Glittery lids are always a surefire, fool proof way to do your makeup for parties. They’re pretty, they’re fancy and they’re sure to catch people’s attentions. You can purchase eye shadows that already have glitters in them or, if you want the glitters to be really bold and loud, you can apply a separate coat of glitter powder on your lids on top of your regular eye shadow.

glitter and sequins shimmery glitter eye shadow

  • Ombre lips – the ombre trend isn’t just for hair, you can do it on your lips as well! Ombre lips are super interesting to look at and they’re a real conversation starter between makeup junkies. Ombre lips are best worn with simple eye makeup so that nothing takes the attention away from the lips. You can do this with both light and dark lip colors. There are plenty of ways to achieve ombre lips and most of these require tons of lip products to get the perfect gradient but here’s a simple one that anyone can easily follow.

ombre lips and simple eyes ombre lips tutorial