Bright Eye Makeup Looks to Cheer Up Your Mood

Even the happiest, most carefree person feels a little under the weather sometimes. For us girls, this can be a challenge. A damp mood can mean anything from ‘I need hugs and chocolates’ to ‘I HAVE TO go on an extensive shopping trip’ and sometimes even to ‘I need to punch somebody right now’. Luckily, sometimes, all it takes is some bright, colorful eye makeup looks to brighten us up, too (at least for makeup junkies, that is). Here are some bright eye makeup looks to cheer up your mood on days when you need a little pick me up.

  • Neon liner – simple, chic and oh so fun and bright! Neon liners aren’t usually used by a lot of women on a day to day basis but if you’re looking for something that will really brighten up your look and your mood, give it a try! Skip the shadow and line your upper lash line with a neon liner in the color of your choice and see how it instantly makes your overall look just happier in general. Keep the rest of your look simple to avoid having too much going on in your face and this could be your go-to gloomy day look.

neon liner neon

  • Yellow and blue – this look is really simple and there’s very little to no blending needed. The colors you will need are quite simple and straight forward as well but when worn together in one eye makeup look, you can count on a fantastic result all the time. Sweep on some bright, vivid sunshine yellow eye shadow on your lids and do your lower lash line with a bit of electric blue eye shadow to get this bold, bright and intense look. Finish it up with a cat eye or a winged tip liner to add the fierce factor and you’re good to go.

yellow and blue

  • Rose gold beauty – it may not be as bright and vibrant as the other looks you’ll see in this post but rose gold eye makeup is truly the bomb! It’s chic and wearable on a day to day basis but it works exceptionally well if you’re looking for a romantic look with a pop of color in it. Add in a bit of bronze shadow to the mix if you’re wearing this look at nighttime for a smoky feel.

rosegold rose gold

  • Pastel lids – one of the hottest trends for spring 2014 is pastel lids. You can opt to use just one pastel color on your lids or mix, match and blend different ones for a much cooler look. Pastel lids are totally wearable for day to day makeup as well. Soft, natural lips, rosy cheeks, a coat or two of mascara and the regular eye liner should give you something that you can wear anytime for spring and maybe even for summer.


  • Peacock eyes – here’s something that you can wear for a nighttime eye makeup look to replace your good ol’ smoky eye. The peacock eye makeup look is bright, vibrant and full of gorgeous jewel tone eye shadow colors. You’ll need purple, teal, green and a little bit of pink to capture the beauty that’s found on a peacock’s majestic tale. Of course, you can throw in black shadow to make the colors more intense, too.

peacock colors peacock

  • Lemon and lime – need something refreshing and bright? Take inspiration from the colors of lemon and lime and create this gorgeous eye makeup look that’s perfect for the beach. Shades of yellow and green abound in this makeup look and all of it is tied together by fluid black liner, creating a look that’s cool and clean.

tropical paradise lemon and lime