Cat-Eyes: How To Create the Perfect Winged Tip Eyeliner

For perennially sexy eyes, learn how to to use black eyeliner like Cleopatra once did.

Cat-eye makeup — lined upper lashes finished with a subtle “wing” — is one of those looks that never seems to date. First used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to help keep pesky sand gnats from flying into the eyes, fashionable pharaohs like Cleopatra first flicked up their eye liner, and thanks to cat-eye lovers like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian the look is as popular today as it ever was. winged eyeliner

According to Colorado-based makeup artist Megan Temple, cat-eyes have remained in vogue because the technique elongates round eyes and is a makeup artist trick for helping larger eyes to appear smaller. Temple is commonly asked to create cat-eyes for a variety of occasions, includingweddings, proms and homecoming dances. winged eyeliner tutorial
“Younger women love this style,” she says. “It gives them a unique twist on everyday makeup and makes their eyes appear smokier and sexier.”cat eyes and ombre hair

Here’s how to get the look yourself:

You will need: Black liquid eyeliner, (Temple recommends using Rimmel Professional Liquid Eye Liner in Ebony Black) or a freshly sharpened black eyeliner or kohl pencil.

Step 1: Begin by placing the index finger of your non dominant hand a few centimeters from the outside crease of your eyelid.

Step 2: Gently pull the eyelid up into a slight slant.
Step 3: Use the applicator that comes with the liquid eyeliner or the eye pencil if that feels more stable. You can also look for alternate brushes to work with your liquid liner.
Step 4: Starting at the crease, draw a thin line with the eyeliner until it meets your finger.
Step 5: Close your eye and blend the line onto the top of your eyelid where the skin meets the eyelashes. If you desire a thicker line, Temple recommends placing the pencil just under the outside crease of your eye, and blending it back up into the line.

To finish off the look, apply eyeliner to your lower eyelid behind the lashes. This look works well alone or in addition to light eyeshadow and a coat of mascara. Temple warns against combining it with brightly colored eyeliner. “There is nothing wrong with adding a light coat of black or gray eyeshadow along the base of your lid, just avoid overly bright colors like pink and blue,” she says. winged tip eyeliner

Although this is a fairly neutral eye, remember that less is more with this particular look.