Different Styles of Cat Eye Makeup

Those who think that smoky eyes are gorgeous will definitely love cat eye makeup. Compared to the smoky eyes, cat eye make up is easier to do and will require less makeup. Less makeup would mean less meltdowns, most especially if the weather is humid. It is also makes the eyes look sexier and seductive that a lot of celebrities wear it as a trademark. Here are some cat eye makeup tips that you should take note of.


Simple Cat Eye Makeup

When wearing this type of makeup, remember that you are emphasizing your eyes. Go simple and natural with your cheeks and lips.


Plain Cat Eye Makeup

Draw attention to your eyes. A perfect eyelash curler and a mascara are your two other best friends for this style.


Cat Eye Makeup Tips

Most of the time, a liquid eyeliner is used in doing cat eye makeup. However, if you are not comfortable with using liquid eyeliner, you can see this cat eyes makeup tips which uses a dark colored eye shadow instead. It has a slightly smoky effect to it as well.


Vintage Cat Eye Makeup

This image shows the softer variation of the cat eye makeup in the 80’s. The model here wears a dark red lipstick. This type of makeup style was also known as the “vampire makeup”, and now, it is merely known as “vamp”.


Creative Cat Eye Makeup

This is an option if you are looking for eye makeup for blue eyes. The blue eyeliner or liquid eye liner used on this replaced the black liquid eyeliner. This is a variation that you can try, as it goes well with women who have blue eyes.

blue cat eye makeup



If you have a thing for colors, and won’t just settle for one single black liner, here is one style that you can do.

Taylor Swift cat eye makeup

There are several celebrities who have been seen wearing cat eye makeup. Here are a few of celebrities wearing this type of makeup.


Taylor Swift has a sexier stare because of her eye makeup. This is one of the types of makeup you will see Taylor wearing.


Katy Cat Eye Makeup

Katy Perry seems to be very fond of the cat eyes makeup. This emphasizes her bright beautiful eyes.


Angelina Cat Eye Makeup

Here is another celebrity that you will catch wearing this type of makeup. Angelina uses the winged tips of her makeup to create a more seductive look.


Adele Cat Eye Makeup

Adele has been known to be the female celebrity who seems to always have the best eye makeup. Aside from the fact that she has gorgeous eyes, her eye makeup also helps. On this image, Adele is almost bare with everything else on her face aside from her eyes.

Makeup styles come and go, and this type of makeup has been popular in the 80’s. But now, the cat eye makeup has come back, and it seems like it is here to stay.