Easy and Chic Date Night Makeup Looks

With so many new makeup looks and trends surfacing about, it can sometimes be hard to decide on what makeup look to wear, especially on date nights when  you want to look your best and impress your date. Wearing way too much makeup is probably one of the most common mistakes women make when going out on a date. The common misconception about date night makeup is that the more you pile on, the more attracted your date will be. That’s actually the opposite of how it really is. Men prefer women with little to no makeup. They like to see what’s real. If you need help deciding on how to wear your makeup, check out our tips below for some easy and chic date night makeup looks.

  • Subtle smoky eye – unless your date night consists of going to the club, drinking some shots and dancing the night away, your eye makeup shouldn’t be so dramatic and heavy. Perhaps the heaviest you should probably go for is a subtle smoky eye. To get this look, substitute the black and gray hues you’d usually use for a regular smoky eye with brown shades instead. Dust your cheeks with a soft blush color and finish off with the lipstick colors of your choice.

subtle smoky eye subtle smoky eye look

  • Red lip and simple eyes –  if you’re looking for a simple yet chic and sophisticated makeup to wear on a date night, you should definitely go for a bold red lip paired with simple eye makeup. A red lip is bold enough to make a statement in and of its own yet it’s not too bold that you can still wear it with a glamorous dress without having to worry about it taking all the attention away. Remember to keep your eye makeup simple and to a minimum so that you don’t have too much going on to distract your date.

red lips

red lips look

  • Dewy skin and soft makeup – need a makeup look that would compliment your ultra girly outfit? Try doing a dewy skin look paired with really soft pink and neutral colors. The dewy look can be quite difficult to pull off but it becomes a whole lot easier if you have the right makeup items. Remember that what you want when trying to pull off a dewy look are products (foundation, highlighter) that have a satin pearly finish, not glittery ones.

dewy look dewy

  • Lovely in pink – pink is such a lovely color. When used in makeup, it always instantly gives you a romantic look. If you just want a light, cute makeup look for date night, try wearing shades of pink all throughout your makeup. A flirty pink smoky eye, shimmery pink eye makeup or even just pastel pink all over your lids would look really nice and light. Use a light pink blush and a coral-y pink lipstick (or hot pink if you need to make a statement) to top it all off.

pink makeup look pink makeup

  • Luscious lush lashes – that may have sounded like a tongue twister but believe me, a lot of guys find long, full lashes really sexy. This is one of those things you can totally fake about your look and guys will still be okay with it (as long as you don’t overdo it, that is). If you already have long lashes, just do multiple coats of volumizing mascara to make it fuller. If your lashes are sparse, though, you can always use falsies to get a more tantalizing look. Keep the rest of your look simple and subtle to avoid looking like a drag queen.

falsies look falsies