Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

The blue eye  color varies from dark  blue to light grey eyes. For  the deep tone of blue eyes, you can apply  almost any color of eye shade , light or dark : blue , purple, brown, grey , green.

While considering the eyes makeup, the shape, curve and color of eye brow is really important. Just look at these makeup ideas for blue eyes and choose which is perfect for you!

When it comes to mascara you mainly have two options : black and brown.Why not to try beautiful electric blue mascara!

blue lashes and blue eyes
blue lashes and blue eyes

Blonde hair blue eyes

blonde hair blue eyes

Applying liquid eye liner can be a bit difficult for an amateur. Eye liner that can be applied with the help of a brush is a very convenient and practical option.

Beautiful cat eye makeup for blue eyes

makeup for blue eyes

I like this for day ( just a perfect eye makeup for blue eyes ) time because it’s not too much  for me.  Brown shades will make your blue eyes bluer and make the whites of your eyes whiter.

blue eyes makeup
blue eyes makeup

There is a wide range of option of eye shadows when it comes to blue eyes makeup. If you just started off with makeup it’s best to take it slow and try out some basic or nude colors  and black or brown  eyeliner that look good with everybody like pale pink, and light shade in browns for eyes makeup.

black eyeliner blue eyes
black eyeliner blue eyes

Purple eye shadows compliments  blue eyes quite nicely.Pink tones can help your skin to look cleaner and your eyes watery.

purple makeup for blue eyes

You can always go for Smokey eyes but you have to be skilled and expert when you are doing Smokey makeup because then you’ll be playing some really daring and darker shades like hues of dark blue’s, jade,purple, green , brown and black.

smokey eyes makeup for blue eyes

Pretty makeup for blue eyes

pretty makeup for blue eyes

Cat eye makeup: Brown, dark blue, charcoal and black  are ideal shades for blue eyes

cat eye makeup blue eyes

Blue Eyes! Some black eyeliner (upper lid  or both) and saucy fake lashes are a must.

girl with blue eyes
girl with blue eyes

Glittery stylish makeup

glittery makeup for blue eyes

Cheetah print makeup – perfect for the party

cheetah print makeup

This  purple makeup look is not only reserved for those with blue eyes. Simply adjust the tone and intensity to suit your eye color and complexion.

purple makeup blue eye


What are you waiting for? Go out and rock this look.