Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes Tips

Women may find it difficult to do the best eye makeup for hazel eyes because of the intriguing eye color. What most women with hazel eyes are not aware about is that there are a lot of eye makeup styles that they can do to enhance the beauty of their eyes more. There are subtle styles, professional styles, and there are even stage makeup styles. Depending on what the occasion is, there is a perfect eye makeup for to make those peepers simply irresistible. There are some eye makeup tips for hazel eyes that you can make use of here.

hazel eyes makeup

If you want something that is far from plain, here is a pretty eye makeup for hazel eyes. See how attention is focused on the eyes alone. The lips and the cheeks are made up naturally. The different shades of blue complement the color of the eyes.

Adventurous Hazel Eyes Makeup


Grayish irises are good colors to blend with a shiny pewter eye shadow. You can also make your eyes pop with silver or ivory.

Beautiful Hazel Eyes Makeup


A good eye makeup for hazel eyes is the one that complements the natural eye color. You can also do smoky eye effect such as the one on the picture.

Gorgeous Hazel Eyes Makeup


Women with hazel eyes can wear a lot of shades of greens. This shade of green will go well as your eye makeup. Just remember to blend the eye shadow well.

Green Makeup for Hazel Eyes


One of the eye makeup ideas you should consider learning is the winged eye makeup. It can be useful for several occasions if you get tired of your usual look.

Winged Hazel Eyes Makeup

There are a lot of celebrities and models with hazel eyes and their makeup artists know very well how to play with those peepers. Learn from their makeup tips for hazel eyes so you can try with yours.

Alexandra Tretter looks fabulous with her eye makeup in different shades of brown.

Alexandra Tretter Hazel Eyes


Camilla Belle seems to never go wrong with her eye makeup for hazel eyes.

Camilla Belle Hazel Eyes


Hilary Duff’s smoky eye makeup has played up her peepers very nicely.

Hilary Hazel Eyes Makeup


Keira Knightley has a good makeup for hazel eyes. Aside from those colors, you can also try gold, copper and bronze eye shadow shades.

Keira Hazel Eye Makeup


Lucy Hale is another actress that has hazel eyes and does justice to it.

Lucy Hale Hazel Eyes


There are several makeup tips for hazel eyes, but it will not hurt to play around with the different colors. You can go for colors as vivid as purple and pink. Hazel eyes are unpredictable, since its color changes sometimes. However, that’s what it makes so interesting. Enhance its beauty with the eye makeup for hazel eyes you have just learned about.