5 Fun Eye Makeup Ideas

Most of the time, when women do makeup, the part that takes the longest are the eyes. This is because the eyes are considered the most beautiful feature of the face by a lot of people. Both men and women agree that the whole look of a persona can be transformed just by defining and beautifying the eyes. In this article, you will find 4 fun eye makeup ideas that you can surely use when you go out clubbing and partying and when you just need a quick go-to eye makeup look for casual days.

One fun eye makeup idea you can use for clubbing or partying is to use glitter eye shadows and eye liners. These glitter eye liners add an element of fun to your overall look. even a plain and simple black dress will look gorgeous when you pair it with sparkly, glittery eyes. If you’re partying at night and do not expect a lot of photos to be taken, like when you’re just going to hit the club with your girlfriends, feel free to use eye shadow that has chunky glitters as it will give you a more party-appropriate look. However, if you are going to a formal party or when you expect a lot of photos to be taken during the night, try to limit yourself to just the shimmery eye shadows.

Glam up your eyes with chunky glitter eye makeup

glitter eye makeup

Intensify your party makeup by using decorated lashes

party glitter eye makeup

Another fun eye makeup idea is to use eye shadow stickers. You can get eye shadow stickers virtually anywhere. You can order them online, you can go to high end makeup stores or you can get them from the dollar section of Target and Wal-Mart or if you live in the UK, Boots. Eye shadow stickers can range from the simple plain or smoky eye to the more complicated designs like animal prints. These are made essentially for people who either have no idea on how to put eye shadow on their eyes or those who simply do not have time to do it.

Eye shadow stickers with a smoky eye  design

eye shadow sticker for smokey eyes

Eye shadow sticker with animal print design

If you are in a hurry but would still like to make your eyes pop, applying a bright solid color on your lids and slightly blending them will suffice. This may seem like a very simple eye makeup idea but this is perfect for those lazy days when you just need to run to the grocery store but still want to look put-together or when you’re just wearing a plain white tee and you want a pop of color in your eyes.

A simple streak of bright eye shadow to make your eyes pop

solid bright blue eye shadow

Creative and fancy eye makeup

creative eye makeup

Multiple colors of eye shadows blended well together are also great, especially when you’re dressing up in costumes. You can mix and match whatever colors you want as long as they look good together. All you would really need to create this look are several color eye shadows (using an eye shadow palette is the most practical way to go), blending brushes and eye shadow brushes and a great color scheme in mind.

Rainbow inspired eye makeup

Colorful eye makeup

Jewel tone eye shadows 

peacock eye makeup

Lastly, cut crease eye makeup. This eye makeup idea may take a while to perfect and may require you to use some higher end products for best results but once you see how gorgeous it looks on your eyes, you will surely love it.

Simple nude cut crease eye makeup

simple cut crease eye makeup

Colorful cut crease eye makeup

color cut crease eye makeup