Eyeshadow stickers-Yay or Naw ?

eyeshadow stickersEyeshadow stickers tips and tricks:

Maybe you’re not that adept when applying eye shadow, or maybe you just don’t have enough time to apply eye color, or maybe it’s a party?. Whatever your reason might be, you’ll truly benefit from the latest cosmetic wonder available in the market: eye shadow stickers.

Umm looks promising!.. when photoshoped..

eyeshadow stickers peachy color
eyeshadow stickers peachy color


Instant eye make-up

An eye shadow sticker is an oval applicator dabbed with eye color. To use, you need to press the sticker on your eyelids in order to transfer the color to your eyes.

Eye shadow stickers, also known as instant eye shadows, were created to help on-the-go women and make-up beginners to achieve beautiful eyes in just a few seconds.

Some real results from web..uh maybe its another kind of stickers!?

eye shadow party stickers


Eyeshadow sticker FAQs

Eye shadow stickers offer a wide variety of colors and looks. Perhaps the most famous stickers come from the Color On Pro International line. You can go for metallic eyes by availing of the Eye Envy Precious Metals Kit, which costs $20 per pack of 5 stickers. This set includes Gypsy, Bronze Goddess, and Lava eye shadow colors.

For the classic smoky eyes look, choose the Eye Envy Smoky. This $20 set contains two pairs of Noche and Ibiza colors, and a pair of EL eye shadow sticker.

Cool eyeshadow stickers with rhinestones

eyeshadow stickers with rhinestones

You can also create your own eye shadow sticker kit. You can choose from several colors, such as Cactus Flower, Dreamweaver, Laguna, Sunset Beach, Pink Lemonade, and Key West. A pack of 5 stickers cost $20, while a pack of 10 costs $30. To make the most out of your money, choose the $55 pack of 20.

Every eyeshadow sticker pack contains setting powder and a brush, so you can achieve perfect make-up ASAP.

Nice Eye Envy Zebra sticker makeup! Just don’t touch your eyes!.. hmm

zebra eyeshadow stickers

Another result, that looks not too bad!

eye shadow stickers instant makeup

Why choose eye shadow stickers?And would you?

If you are busy and can’t make a good eye shadow application to save your life, then these convenient colorants will work for you. Although they are more expensive – a 4-palette eye shadow usually costs $40 and can be used several times – the convenience speaks for itself.

You don’t have to waste time trying to make your eyes look good with these eye shadow stickers. You don’t even have to study ‘color harmony’ to know which colors fit well, because your pre-made eye decals can do it for you.

instant eye makeup stickers

But,maybe  sticker makeup looks kinda cakey..?

Eye shadow stickers might be a little expensive, but its benefits outweigh the cost. They are easy to use, and can transform you to a beautiful swan in a few seconds’ time. So if you want to look good but don’t have enough time or knowledge to apply eye shadow colors, then eye shadow stickers are best for you.

What do you think, would you try these?