Easy Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is perhaps one of the most inexpensive yet important items that should never go missing from a girl’s beauty bag. Eyeliner is used to define the eyes and make it more alive. Depending on where and how you put your eyeliner, eyeliner can help make your eyes look bigger or smaller, father apart or closer together, simple or dramatic.

There are different eyeliner styles you can try on your eyes. Some styles are perfect for a casual look while some are only appropriate for parties and nights out. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start off with pencil eye liner because it is less messy. Gel liners aren’t as messy to use but a shaky hand can cause a lot of unwanted smudges. Liquid eye liner is perhaps the hardest to work with and requires the most practice and precision.

Go goth by smudging eyeliner from your lower lash line

goth eyes eyeliner

Cut crease eye makeup using eyeliner and matte shadow

cut crease eyeliner

Basic eyeliner style

The most basic style of using eyeliner is to just line your eyes with a stroke or two of black or brown liner on either or both the upper and lower lash lines. This eye liner style simply makes your eyes look more awake by framing it. This is the perfect eyeliner style if you are in a rush or if you are going for a more natural look. Try to draw the line as close as you can to your natural lash line to make it subtle. If you want brighter eyes, you can use white eyeliner pencil on the inner corner of your eyes, too.

 Simple neutral eye makeup

neutral eye makeup

Use black eye liner for a natural and subtle look

simple black eyeliner

Thicker, bolder eyeliner style

Another eyeliner style you can use is to draw thicker lines. Using thicker eyeliner on your upper lids can give the illusion of fuller lashes. This eye liner style can be used for natural makeup looks as well. A pencil liner works well for this although it may hurt a little since you will be liner your eyes multiple times. Gel liner is a great alternative since you can apply it with a soft eye liner brush. You can also line your lower lash line thickly if you want a more dramatic look.

Angelina Jolie and her gorgeous defined eyes

eyeliner Angelina Jolie

Avril Lavigne’s signature punk rock princess look is never complete without eyeliner

black eyeliner Avril Lavigne

Arabian eyeliner style

The Arabian eyeliner style is a gorgeous eyeliner style that is done best with either get or liquid eyeliner. To do the Arabian eyeliner style, simply line both the lower and upper lash line and extend the line from the outer corners going up like you’re doing the cat eye / wing tip eyeliner style. This style is worn best with bold colors on the eyes.

Stunning Arabian eye makeup

arabic eyes makeup

Well-defined eyes using black kohl liner

well defined eye makeup

Cat eye / wing tip eye liner style

The cat eye, also known as the wing tip, is an eye liner style that is very popular. This is perhaps one of the few eyeliner styles that have lots of variations. Like the Arabian style, the cat eye is made by extending the eyeliner from the outer corner. Their difference is that the Arabian style requires you to line both upper and lower lash lines and extend from there while the cat eye only requires you to line your upper lash line and extend the line from there. The line extension can be straight or curly, depending on how you want your eyes to look after.

Kat Von D’s take on the cat eye: bold and dramatic

cat eye makeup

Angelina Jolie’s eyes look fierce, even with just simple cat eye makeup

simple cat eye makeup Angelina Jolie

Pin up style makeup

pin up makeup

Purple eyeliner on waterline

purple eyeliner brown eyes

Dark purple eyeliner and nude lips

purple eyeliner

What is your favorite style?