How to Achieve Perfect Makeup

Wearing the right shade of foundation, blush, eye makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and others are basic to achieving the perfect makeup look. However, getting a picture perfect makeup does not depend on all of these. More than anything, it is how you do the makeup and how you blend all the colors together. Well, even if you have the best makeup in the cosmetic industry, makeup artists will still give you the best results because they are expert in doing so. If you want that professional look on your face, here are the perfect makeup tips that you can do:

1. Choose the right shade for your skin tone

Picking the right shade is the first step to getting the perfect makeup. Choose those that compliment your skin tone and do not create contrast in your face. If shopping for the right shade, wear a white top when shopping and try the color on.

Picking the right shade

2. Hide your dark circles

Your dark circles can spell the difference between a perfect makeup and a blotchy look. First, you need to apply a concealer on your dark circles such as on the under eye, blemishes and freckles. Use a cream concealer that matches your skin tone.


3. Get an even toned skin

Applying foundation does not end your uneven skin tone problems because applying it incorrectly can show the imperfections in your face more. For a better finish, use a foundation stick and blend the foundation with your fingers.

Foundation stick

4. Hide those petty zits again

After you have blended your foundation, some of your zits will still get loose so apply another layer of concealer.

Concealer application

5. Apply a cream blush

If you are not a pro in putting on makeup, using a brush and powder blush may not be the right one for you. Use a cream blush for a natural glow effect.

Cream blush

6. Apply a shimmery eye makeup

The secret to getting the perfect makeup is to apply a shimmery eye base from the brow bones to the top lash line. Make sure to get the right shade for your skin color. Most makeup companies have their color palette specifically catered to specific skin tones.

Shimmery eye shadow

7. Apply a gentle eyeliner

Eyeliners give you those gorgeous and pretty eyes. If you are unsure about what to use, use kohl eyeliner for a smooth finish. Cream eyeliners can be perfect, but it can make your eyes look uneasy especially if you are not an expert in putting them.

Pretty eyeliner

8. Apply your lip color after exfoliation

Lipsticks can be very chaotic on your lips especially if you have uneven lip surface. Before applying the color of your choice, make sure to exfoliate your lips for that sleek finish in your lipstick. Never ever get out with your lipstick in chappy lips.

Exfoliate lips

After exfoliating, apply your lipstick to achieve full lips


9. Use a perfect smile

Now, if you really want a picture perfect makeup, wear your sweetest and most sincere smile in any occasion.

Perfect makeup